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Chapter 2248: Advance and Retreat

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Han Zhuoling needed to return to his team.

Before he left, he quickly kissed Shi Xiaoya and did not care that there were still so many people who could see.

Shi Xiaoya felt that Han Zhuoling did this in part for Ni Xue to see as well.

To let Ni Xue have some bit of self-awareness.

Ni Xues behavior could really put people off.

On her end, she was stuck in a precarious situation between advance and retreat.

She only revealed a little hint of her intentions, so it was really not appropriate for Han Zhuoling to get angry with her.

Whether Ni Xue gave up her thoughts in the end because of this, Shi Xiaoya did not know.

But the others had all been blinded by that moment.

Cao Jingcheng looked all stunned and blinded as he lifted his hand to shield his eyes.

“Aiyo, aiyo.

Have you taken photos of them Edit it into the bonus scenes for the audience to watch!”


Lest the audience asks every day to see their PDA.

Just feed them fully at once with it.”

They did not know how the people at this massive singles-abusing scene felt about being abused in this manner.

Shi Xiaoya quickly smiled at Han Zhuoling and returned to her team.

Lan Jiexin also secretly giggled as she said to Peng Zhen, “I actually didnt expect that Young Master Ling would actually have such a side to him.”


Previously when I watched the show and saw Young Master Lings interactions with Xiaoya, I thought it was the production team that specially edited it that way.

Although they are a real couple, Young Master Ling just didnt seem like someone who could do mushy actions.

Now that Im seeing them today, I think the production team probably only edited it a little.

They probably cut out the even more mushy parts.”

Lan Jiexin laughed and said, “Then I guess if you use this to poke fun at Young Master Ling, he probably wouldnt get angry.”

Or else, if Peng Zhen really did not dare to crack any jokes about Han Zhuoling at all, her scenes would definitely be much fewer, so Peng Zhens overall show appearance would not be good enough.

The production team would definitely give many scenes to Han Zhuoling.

If Peng Zhen wanted to perform, she had to be bold as well.

Or else, even if she came this time, she would be like an obscure person, and the effect would not be so good.

Peng Zhen knew that Lan Jiexin was sincerely being considerate of her, so she smiled at her gratefully.

Shi Xiaoya walked back and happened to hear their conversation, so she said to Peng Zhen, “You can just make jokes like how you normally do in shows.

Zhuoling isnt so petty.

And you usually make jokes very artfully and manage them very well.

It doesnt make people feel offended and it can let the audience feel that its especially funny too.

Just speak without worrying about it.”

With Shi Xiaoyas promise, Peng Zhen felt a boost of courage.

“You said it! If Young Master Ling really becomes unhappy, you can help me hold him up a little.”

This concerned her future.

“Dont worry.

Zhuoling really isnt so petty.

He only looks so cold and aloof, but hes really big-hearted.

He wont mind all these things.

Look at Brother Cao and the others, you also make jokes about them,” Shi Xiaoya said with a smile to assure her.

“Anyway, I also watched you on shows before.

You even dare to make jokes about Teacher Zhang Shuidong, Brother Cao, and many more seniors! You werent so reserved then.”

“Thats different,” Peng Zhen said in a small voice.

“We are all celebrities and understand the need for variety show effects.

And I didnt go overboard either.

We were just making jokes about each other, and that could even boost our popularity with the audience.

“But Young Master Ling is not a celebrity, after all.” He might not know about things like creating variety show effects.

“And Young Master Ling also controls our future livelihoods.”

Shi Xiaoya held back her laughter and said, “Its fine, its fine.

As long as you dont violate his principles, he really wouldnt do anything to you..

As for what kind of principles they are, just think about what kind of principles a righteous person would have and he would have all of those.”

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