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Chapter 2267: Propose

Zhang Shuidong hurried over to Lan Jiexins side.

Hence, the dilemma fell to Zhang Xiangyou.

“Among the remaining female guests now are Ni Xue and Peng Zhen in thedisqualified area,” Chi Xingrui said.

“Which of them can revive, that depends on Zhang Xiangyou.”

Zhang Xiangyou chuckled and said, “Me and Peng Zhen are the same age, so I choose Peng Zhen.”

Hence, on the female guests side, Ni Xue was the only one left again.

“The mission segments of this special episode have completely come to an end,” Chi Xingrui said.

“The guests who won will participate in the special dinner banquet that the production team has prepared for you guys.

The guests that have been eliminated will have to change into uniforms and serve the victors during the banquet.”

Of course, they could not possibly really let them serve the others.

When it was time for the banquet, it would just be them jokingly doing it and others pretending to make things hard for them before letting them all sit together.

It was still the special last episode, so they had to round it up nicely.

“Okay!” Lu Dongliu announced that the filming had completely come to an end and said, “Its been hard on everyone for the past two days.

Previously, when we filmed, we werent able to have a proper meal as well.

Weve specially invited the head chef from a hotel to prepare dinner for everyone after this.”

This was being filmed in the central garden of the hotel.

So they stayed here directly to eat.

After having a proper meal, everyone then walked through the hotels garden path to return to the villa.

Han Zhuoling suddenly slowed down as he brought Shi Xiaoya along with him.

He slowly trailed behind everyone, increasing the distance between him and the others further and further.

The chatting sounds of the guests in front also slowly died down, leaving only a distant sound of their chatter in the end.

Han Zhuoling suddenly stopped.

Shi Xiaoya also stopped and stared at him curiously.

“Whats wrong”

This garden path environment was very good, and there werent many people right now.

But even if it was at night and there was no one around, with only the two of them there, it would not feel too scary.

Because the bushes on both sides were draped with fairy lights, giving off a faint gold light.

As if they were gold stars that dropped from the sky.

It was quiet and romantic.

Han Zhuoling took out an exquisite square box from the pocket of his pants.

Although when he was doing the mission previously, Han Zhuoling also found a ring, it was clearly not the one he was holding now.

Han Zhuoling opened the box.

Under the mix of moonlight and fairy lights, the diamond on the ring also sparkled like a star on its own, its sparkle not any dimmer.

Shi Xiaoya stared at Han Zhuoling in surprise.

She… she seemed to have already guessed what it was.

Shi Xiaoya could not be bothered to look at the ring anymore.

She fixed her eyes squarely on Han Zhuoling.

She only felt that she could not breathe, and she felt so nervous that her heart started beating wildly.

She felt as if her heartbeat began to skip erratically and she began to feel breathless.

Han Zhuoling stared deeply at Shi Xiaoya and said, “I thought for very long.

I searched the Internet and watched many clips of marriage proposals in movies and dramas.

I even went to read those scenes in romance novels.”

He also had to keep this a secret and not let anyone know yet, lest it got leaked out.

So he just did all these secretly on his own.

When he searched on the Internet, some clips from movie dramas would naturally appear.

Those were still okay.

Romance novels were a little more problematic.

Han Zhuoling never read things like romance novels ever since he had learned how to read.

Especially when he started having his own sense of judgment, all the more he would not read such things that were impractical in his eyes and extremely corroding of ones soul, making one harbor impractical delusions.

Han Zhuoling belonged to the sort of people who were extremely logical.

But after getting together with Shi Xiaoya, his near-emotionless rationale became less and less, with his emotions emerging more and more.

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