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Chapter 2275: Why Did He Become a Little… Spacey

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She was still too naive.

If shed known, she would not have taken the initiative so readily, as if she was so capable of enduring.

Actually, how much she could really endure, did she not have any idea at all

Hence, Han Zhuoling indeed overestimated Shi Xiaoyas endurance ability.

This time, Shi Xiaoya actually fainted.

She was even weaker than she was previously!

Han Zhuoling: “…”

What was he supposed to do now

He could not possibly continue while she had fainted, right

That would make him way too much of a rogue.

Feeling resigned, Han Zhuoling could only take care of it himself.

He dejectedly used his hands while clenching his teeth as he stared at Shi Xiaoya, who had already fainted and fallen asleep.

This little girl.

How upsetting!

How great a day it was today, it was such a memorable day!

Yet she was such a letdown.

She aroused him until he thought that she was being especially competent tonight, that she could rough it out with him until dawn.

Who knew that after only a while, shed just give up halfway!

Shed flirted her way in but totally did not intend to be responsible for it all the way.

She just left him hanging there.

Wasnt this so torturous

Han Zhuoling felt so depressed that he wanted to shake Shi Xiaoya awake.

But seeing how pitiful Shi Xiaoya looked, how the corners of her eyes were still tear-stained and how her cheeks were rosy red, Han Zhuoling could not bear to.

He could only stare at Shi Xiaoya dejectedly while relying on his imagination.

When he really could not help it, he would lower his head to kiss her.

When he finally relieved himself, he pulled Shi Xiaoya into his arms, thinking to himself that he could not trust Shi Xiaoyas fake stances in the future.

This was worse than him holding back previously.

At least back then, there was a start and an end.

That was way better than this sudden stop halfway.

Han Zhuoling secretly decided that in the future, he must take Shi Xiaoya along to exercise and train her body.

Her fitness level was way too bad!

As Han Zhuoling thought about that, he hugged Shi Xiaoya and fell asleep.


The next day, the moment Shi Xiaoya opened her eyes, she saw Han Zhuoling with a glum face.

However, people who were good-looking still remained good-looking even with a glum face.

Perhaps Shi Xiaoya did not know why Han Zhuoling looked like this at first.

She batted her long eyelashes very innocently.

But after a while, she recalled it.

She recalled that she seemed to not have lasted for very long before she fainted, and she even forgot what happened afterward.

Who knew how Han Zhuoling relieved himself after

Shi Xiaoya felt a pang of guilt in her heart right now.

“You woke up so early” When Shi Xiaoya said that, she could not hide the guilty pang she felt in her heart.

She saw Han Zhuoling slowly turn to look at her, raising his eyebrow.

Indeed, she saw Han Zhuoling scoff and say, “I busied myself for nothing in the middle of the night, leaving me so dejected that I couldnt sleep.”

Han Zhuoling pointed to his dark eye circles.

“This is the evidence of my desire not being satisfied.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Waking up early in the morning to this image really made her unable to react.

He was not like that in the past!

She would not talk about how different Han Zhuolings demeanor was before he fell in love.

But even his demeanor after he fell in love, it had never been like this.

Why did he become a little… spacey this morning

Could it be an aftereffect of not having his desires fulfilled

The corners of Shi Xiaoyas eyes twitched.

“I… I didnt do it on purpose.”

Her voice was so soft.

She looked so pitiful, and she even looked like she was acting cute a little.

Han Zhuoling really could not bear to do anything to her.

He could not even rouse his anger and could only feel dejected.

Han Zhuoling sighed and said, “You… youre really…”

Being dejected because of her actually made him speechless.

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