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Chapter 2276: I Dont Know Myself Well Enough

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“Seeing you taking initiative and being so passionate yesterday made me think that you could last long.

Who knew you were just shooting your mouth off You were a paper tiger through and through, only enduring for such a short while,” Han Zhuoling complained.

“…” Shi Xiaoya felt she was being wrongly accused, so she rebutted, “I also made my estimate based on your past standards.

I thought I could last all the way given my excitement yesterday.

Who knew that you …”

Would exceed your usual standards!

Shi Xiaoya didnt dare say it out loud.

Or she would not hear the end of it from Han Zhuoling.

Likely, he would show her on the spot that that was his actual usual standard, that he was not just “exceeding” the past one.

If she really said it, wouldnt it imply that Han Zhuolings usual standards were just average

However, even if Shi Xiaoya kept silent, Han Zhuoling could read between the lines.

This was a man with a demon-like IQ.

And he knew Shi Xiaoya too well.

Even with an incomplete sentence, Han Zhuoling knew what she meant.

Hence, before she could finish her words, she heard Han Zhuoling scoff.

That scoff numbed Shi Xiaoya to her scalp.

With a flip, Han Zhuoling raised himself with one hand beside Shi Xiaoyas pillow while the other squeezed through the gap between her back and the mattress, pressing her close to him.

“Ha! Im a considerate person and was holding back for you usually,” Han Zhuoling sneered, “and you think me weak You think yesterday night was me surpassing my usual standards”

“I didnt say that!” The strong desire to live made Shi Xiaoya deny it at once.

“Dont think I couldnt hear your implications.” Han Zhuoling gave a dark smile.

“Im telling you, yesterday night is my actual usual standard.

You cant even stand it when I was being restrained, so how do I dare to let myself go But you were so full of energy yesterday.

I thought you had improved, and so I didnt hold back.”

Every time he thought about it, Han Zhuoling was so triggered he could puke blood.

He took a deep breath.

He did look rather choked up from being left hanging.

After a long while, he finally squeezed out, “Who knew youre so incompetent! We only went halfway and you already fainted.

This girl, ignoring me after seducing me.

Are you trying to make me angry” Han Zhuoling fumed.

“And whats more, being mistaken about my usual standard!”

Compared to Shi Xiaoya leaving him hanging yesterday, Han Zhuoling realized that her misunderstanding of his usual standard was what made him angrier.

Indeed, no matter which man it was, no matter how mature, how capable he was, being doubted by others, especially by his woman, was out of the question.

Shi Xiaoya instantly showed a deeply surprised expression, gasping, “You always held back and didnt go all out usually”

She shouted, “OMG! Youre too amazing! I cant even bear it when you hold back usually.

Those times were really incredible to me already, so I thought yesterday night was you exceeding your usual standards! I had no idea last night was your normal.”

Shi Xiaoya clutched at the blanket, saying pitifully, “I was too naive, Ive never seen the world! I thought that according to your usual controlled standards, I could endure it.

Who knew that last night was your normal standard Apparently, I dont know myself well enough.”

Han Zhuoling laughed in exasperation, pressing her closer to him.

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