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Chapter 2277: Have to Let You Know My Actual Capability

“What world have you not seen” Han Zhuoling gritted out.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

It was just a phrase, why did he focus on it

Not waiting for Shi Xiaoyas explanation, Han Zhuoling pressed down hard on her.

“Havent you finished exploring my world yet”

“…” Shi Xiaoya explained weakly, “Isnt it because I hadnt explored anything before you So…”

So she had no idea how good he was.

She regretted saying “so” immediately.

How stupid!

What did she say that for

Wait, she couldnt even think about that.

This man could totally guess what shes thinking.

Indeed, she heard Han Zhuoling snigger drily.

“Words are weak.

Youve never truly experienced me, but you tell me how good my actual standards are.

Since I usually hold back, you couldnt have felt it.”

As he started moving, Han Zhuoling said, “So now, Im going to go all out.”

“No, no need!” Shi Xiaoya quickly said.

“Didnt I… I already experience it Yesterday night, you said you went all out!”

“But I wasnt finished.” Han Zhuoling spoke as he kept roaming his hands.

“Only halfway through and you fainted.

I could only stop, so you didnt feel it.

That means you still have no idea what it means when I go all out.”

“Ive felt it, Ive felt it,” Shi Xiaoya quickly said.

“I could only last halfway.

Thats more than enough to show your standard!”

Shi Xiaoya quickly grabbed Han Zhuolings face and gave him a peck on the lips.

“My mans too strong, so I cant endure it.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Though he knew that this lass was just sucking up to him with the goal of stopping him from going on…

Hearing her say that made him proud.

The male ego was satisfied.

Who said Young Master Han was not vain

As long as it was in this particular area, not a single man could be spared.

Han Zhuolings lips couldnt help curving upwards on their own.

Being praised by Shi Xiaoya like this made him feel like he was the worlds strongest man.

The image of her being weak and helpless in his arms every time he took her surfaced in his mind.

The sounds of her mewls and cries also rang in his ears.

With thoughts like this, Han Zhuoling felt even more driven.

And she was in his arms right now.

No clothes to block his way.

Beneath his chest, on his palms, was her silky smooth, milk-like skin.

His reaction was so strong, Shi Xiaoya instantly felt it.

Her thighs trembled.

Yesterday night, shed surrendered halfway.

Seeing how much more serious Han Zhuoling was now than yesterday, as if he wouldnt stop until he had her, was so much more terrifying than last night!

He was surely going to use more strength than last night!

“I wont stop even if you faint today.” Han Zhuoling was smiling like a villain now.

“I have to show you my real stamina.

Otherwise, youd have no inkling of how good your man is and continue to underestimate him.”

Shi Xiaoya howled internally, just who did she offend!

Its all because of her mouth!

In her cluelessness, shed offended this man, who wouldnt let her off no matter what!

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