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Chapter 2279: Experienced My Real Prowess Yet

She was still awake and did not faint, not because shed had a full nights sleep and was well-energized…

But because Han Zhuoling was mad and didnt give her a chance to faint.

As long as he spotted her eyes closing, Han Zhuoling would stop halfway and shake her awake.

Hed even leave the room halfway through and return with a bag of ice!

As soon as she could no longer hold on, Han Zhuoling would place the ice bag on her.

Didnt matter where—her forehead, her cheeks, her neck.

Han Zhuoling was still considerate and didnt place it any lower, fearing the cold would make her next period painful.

And so he rotated around her neck area.

But that was more than enough for Shi Xiaoya.

Every time she was about to faint, shed be chilled awake.

And become wide awake at that.

And this went on a few times.

Shi Xiaoya could start scolding people in irritation.

Whats worse, Han Zhuoling actually said, “How will you know how good I am when youre not awake”

This man!

How insistent was he!

Thus, under Han Zhuolings “help,” Shi Xiaoya was kept awake until the very end.

She was afraid Han Zhuoling would use the same tactic in the future, knowing it worked.

The extreme difference in temperature was too good, too much.

She couldnt bear it.

Meanwhile, Shi Xiaoya was exhausted to the bones and desperately wished to just sleep.

Though her brain was empty because of her exhaustion, she couldnt help being in a daze.

But her body felt like it had been hit and run over by a tank.

Her arms hurt, her legs hurt, and even her fingers were sore now from gripping Han Zhuoling tightly just now.

Needless to say, her waist and similar areas were suffering.

She didnt dare move those portions.

Any slight movement and the pain would come in waves.

With this, Shi Xiaoya felt that she couldnt make it to the office and should apply for leave.

She hadnt seen herself in a mirror yet.

If she had one on hand, shed see herself.

Shed discover hickeys were blooming all over, from her neck to her shoulders, to her waist, and even lower.

Not even a high-collared shirt can cover them up.

Yet the culprit Han Zhuoling was lying on her right now, sticking to her back.

“Experienced my real prowess yet” Han Zhuoling asked, biting her ear.

“Yes.” Shi Xiaoya was still hoarse from shouting.

Her voice sounded scratchy even now.

Unknown to her, while Han Zhuoling was lying behind her, he was pinching his own waist.

In reality… this morning exceeded his usual standards.

It was probably because he was too down yesterday.

Last nights energy combined with this mornings…

Hed exerted himself too much.

Last night was his actual standard, but not this morning.

Especially when he embarrassed himself the first time around.

Han Zhuoling had to get his dignity back, so hed used all his might.

And surpassed his actual level.

But Shi Xiaoya did not know that and thought this was Han Zhuolings norm.

And it reflected how restrained he was usually, how unsatisfying it must be for him!

Really… she felt bad for him.

“Youve been shortchanged usually,” Shi Xiaoya said hoarsely.

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