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Chapter 2285: Status Was Already So Low

The conditions surrounding him could have turned him into a rascal, but hed turned out to be an upright and reliable young man.

Could people not like him

His having a past marriage or things like that were not important.

“What kind of wild thoughts are you having” Shi Guanzhong pursed his lips and said, “You talk every day about how reliable Zhuoling is, so how can you still suspect that theyd break up”

Du Yiqin said, “Reliable doesnt mean they wont break up.

Love has nothing to do with a persons character.”

“Stop thinking wildly,” Shi Guanzhong said.

“The two of them even went to film for a show together two days ago.

How can they break up They are just coming back to visit us after theyve finished filming the show.

You keep cooking up stories in your mind all day.

Dont you get tired”

“Hmph!” Du Yiqin said.

“I just think Zhuoling is way too good, so I feel insecure.”

“Then you need to have confidence in our dear daughter too.

Zhuoling is good, but is our precious daughter any worse Its our precious daughter; whoever gets together with her is the lucky one,” Shi Guanzhong said.

“Thats for sure,” Du Yiqin said.

“Im not saying anything bad about our precious daughter.

Im just comparing Zhuoling among men.

I think that, among other men, there are really very few that can compare to Zhuoling.

Our precious daughter is so outstanding, of course she has to find a man as outstanding as Zhuoling.

If shed found someone whos a little more lacking, Id have felt that its our precious daughter whos on the losing end.”

Shi Guanzhong thought to himself, “Thats not what you thought at first.”

Before Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling got together, Du Yiqin did not have such high expectations for Shi Xiaoyas future boyfriend.

As long as Shi Xiaoya liked him, it was enough.

Of course, she could not like just any rascal either.

He still needed to have some form of decent character.

It was only after Han Zhuolings advent that Du Yiqins expectations and taste reached a new height.

Not that he wanted to consider it, but if Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya really broke up one day, given how high Du Yiqins expectations from a son-in-law had been raised by Han Zhuoling, who else would be able to meet her level after that

After thinking of that, Shi Guanzhong suddenly realized that his own expectations had also been raised quite high by Han Zhuoling.

If Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya really broke up in the future, even if Shi Xiaoya found someone new, he would also not be able to help compare that person to Han Zhuoling.

As long as that man was less capable than Han Zhuoling, Shi Guanzhong would surely feel dissatisfied in his heart.

Hence, Shi Guanzhong also stopped talking.

The husband and wife both fell silent.

At this moment, the doorbell to their home rang.

Du Yiqin immediately stood up excitedly and said, “Is it Xiaoya who came back”

The helper auntie at home went to get the door and turned to say to Du Yiqin, “Its Young Master who came back.”

Du Yiqin then very disdainfully went back to sit down.

Shi Nancang still did not know that he had been disdained by his own mother.

After a while, Shi Nancang stepped into the house.

Seeing how Du Yiqin was not very excited to see him, not even bothering to acknowledge him after he stepped in, he thought to himself, was his status in the family already so low now

“Dad, Mom,” Shi Nancang greeted.

He sat down on the sofa opposite them.

“Why are both of you ignoring me”

“We arent, we arent,” Du Yiqin replied as if to placate him.

Shi Nancang: “…”

“Mom, whats with you” Shi Nancang asked.

As he asked, the helper auntie brought some tea for Shi Nancang.

Du Yiqin then said, “Its because of Xiaoya, of course.

She didnt say what the matter was and called you back too.

It looks like a big issue.

Wont I be worried I thought they might have broken up or something.”

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