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Chapter 2287: Given to a Punk Like You Just Like That

After all, the two of them had not been together officially for a long time.

At least to Du Yiqin, it was not a long enough time for the two of them to understand each other well.

Each others personality, habits, and all kinds of views all needed to be slowly discovered over a long period of interaction.

A marriage under rushed circumstances had too many hidden troubles involved.

But after this period of time, it was not just Shi Xiaoya whod gained a deeper understanding of Han Zhuoling.

Even they as her parents got to understand Han Zhuoling more and more.

Theyd learned that Han Zhuoling was definitely someone they could entrust their daughter to for life.

That was why Du Yiqin had that kind of worry previously.

It was rare to meet a person like Han Zhuoling who could make her feel so assured.

If it became another man, she would have to worry again.

She was still so worried previously, but whod have guessed that the two of them were already engaged now!

“When was this” Du Yiqin immediately asked.

“Just yesterday,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Didnt we go to film for a show It happened yesterday night, after the filming for the show was done.

I didnt expect it.

Hed kept it a secret all along but secretly told the production team and the participating guests.

So after the filming last night, he gave me such a surprise like this.” Shi Xiaoya subconsciously recalled the proposal scene from last night, feeling such sweetness in her heart that it was as if it was filled with honey.

“Wait, then why is the ring on your ring finger” Shi Nancang felt that it was strange.

“Did you guys go and collect your marriage certificates directly today”

Shi Guanzhong and Du Yiqin were instantly stunned.

“No!” Shi Xiaoya quickly waved her hands.

“No, no.”

Speaking of that, the corners of Shi Xiaoyas lips twitched a little before she said, “It was because Zhuoling said that, since we were going to get married, hell just put it on my ring finger.

This way, other people who see it can forget at once about still wooing me.”

Shi Nancang: “…”

He lost.

Han Zhuoling was indeed a cunning old boy!

Du Yiqin nodded elatedly.

“Good, good, good.

This is pretty good.”

“He just proposed yesterday and he immediately came over to tell you all today,” Shi Xiaoya said to raise points for Han Zhuoling.

Indeed, Shi Guanzhong felt especially happy.

What did this show

It showed that Han Zhuoling held Shi Xiaoya in high regard!

It was because he held Shi Xiaoya in high regard that he felt, for such a big matter, he would have to come and tell them about it first.

Shi Guanzhong smiled and waved his hand as he said, “How can this do You have to first tell the two elders about this no matter what.”

“We will go to the family home to tell them about this tomorrow,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Guanzhong then no longer stood on formalities with him.

Because he knew that Old Mrs.

Han was more particular about this, they had to choose a good day before going to collect their marriage certificates.

It did not need to be dates like 5/20 or 1314, but it should be a date suitable for marriage.

Hence, for the exact date and time for collecting their marriage certificates, they would still have to go and discuss it with Old Mrs.

Han first.

Du Yiqin stared at Shi Xiaoya, feeling a little sentimental in her heart.

Shi Xiaoya, who had still been a young little lady in her memory, was actually about to get married now.

But luckily, the partner was Han Zhuoling, so she was very assured.

At night, Shi Guanzhong and Shi Nancang dragged Han Zhuoling to drink along with them.

This time, even Du Yiqin, who was all praises for her son-in-law, did not stop them.

This punk was about to marry their precious daughter and take her away from their family.

Even if she felt that Han Zhuoling was already super good, Du Yiqin would still feel her heart ache.

Shi Nancang poured some alcohol for Han Zhuoling while Shi Guanzhong sighed and said, “My precious daughter is to be given to a punk like you just like that.

You must definitely treat our Xiaoya well.

You cant think that just because youd already married her, shes not important anymore and you wont need to treat her with respect.”

Han Zhuoling did not make any promises.

He just listened quietly the entire time, nodding at appropriate moments.

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