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Chapter 2290: Arriving in New York

When Han Zhuoli had not yet met someone he liked, none of them had forced him to casually choose someone to be with.

She would not force any of her grandchildren to be with someone they did not like.

Who knew, luck was on their side.

The tables had turned, and Han Zhuoling actually met Shi Xiaoya.

Old Mrs.

Han then found out what this eldest grandson of hers was actually like once he really met the girl he liked.

He was no longer that cold and aloof person.

In front of the woman he loved, it was as if he became a pro without anyone teaching him.

He became a completely different person from before.

He became chatty and smiled often, and he even knew how to flirt.

He told Shi Xiaoya everything, as if the two of them had endless things to talk about.

He was completely different from how he was like in the past.

Old Mrs.

Han then felt assured.

There was now a person staying by Han Zhuolings side, and they could now spend the rest of their lives together.

Old Mrs.

Han flipped through the Tung Shing[1] to pick a date.

The date that she picked would have to be after their whole family was back from the US.


In the blink of an eye, the day came when they would all set off for the US together.

Shi Xiaoya was going to do makeup for Yu Mingshu.

It was the same whether she left a few days earlier or later, so she decided to go over together with the rest of the Han Family.

Because of the time difference, that special episode of Survivor happened to air at 9 AM local time on the morning after they arrived in the US.

But because they could not watch the live-stream over there and could only wait for the online version, they would then be able to watch it at 12 noon precisely.

They got off the plane at nine in the morning.

Adding the time taken to collect their luggage, pass customs, as well as travel to their accommodation, it was already 11:30 AM when they reached the hotel.

“Quick, quick, quick, lets watch that episode of Survivor together,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

“Grandma, dont you need to rest for a while” Shi Xiaoya saw that Old Mrs.

Han still looked quite energetic, but she was still a little worried.

Old Mrs.

Han was quite old after all, and she could not withstand long hours as ably as young people could.

Back in their home country, the time now was already 11:30 at night.

“Before we came, the two of us have already started taking jet lag pills to help us adjust to the time difference,” Old Mrs.

Han explained.

“To us, theres no jet lag problem at all now,” Old Mr.

Han said with a smile.

“Its you all, actually.

You guys energy levels definitely cant compare to ours.”

Besides, Han Zhuoli and the others really did not have time to adjust to the jet lag beforehand.

Before they came, they all needed to work, so they could not prepare and adjust beforehand.

And working nocturnally back home was something they could not do either.

The two elders had also looked for a doctor to slowly help them adjust, so they did not change their routine to a nocturnal one either.

After all, they were quite old.

Adjusting to jet lag, especially the kind where the difference between day and night was completely reversed, was a very tiring thing to do.

Although Shen Nuo and Lin Liye did not need to work, the two of them really had not thought of this.

Hence, among so many people, indeed, only the two elders looked the most energetic.

But they could also seize this time to adjust to the jet lag.

So everyone went back to their rooms first to unpack their luggage.

Once they were done unpacking, everyone then gathered together in the two elders hotel room.

Lu Man took out her tablet computer, found the latest episode of Survivor from Dong Hua Stations online video platform, and connected the screen to the TV in the hotel room.

The video displayed the conflicts and highlights of each scene to the maximum.

Hence, Ni Xue bore the brunt of it.

During the mission segments, she was solely focused on acting cute to Han Zhuoling.

She did not do the missions properly and kept trying to increase her presence in front of Han Zhuoling.

The production team did not intend to cover up for her at all in the post-production edits.

They broadcasted it all.

Nowadays, many netizens choose to wait for the online version to be released.

[1] A Chinese divination guide and almanac

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