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Chapter 2293: Led Astray by Lu Man

“Exactly! If there were no issues with your Xue, why did the chief director say all those things According to your logic, its the chief director and the other guests who are all in the wrong”

“I see that the other guests didnt really want to bother with Ni Xue either.

They also didnt want to play with her.”

“Given how shes like, who can stand her”

“Previously, when they were doing the missions, Ni Xue kept finding chances to lean closer to Han Zhuoling.

Zhang Shuidong and the others then kept trying to indirectly edge Ni Xue away to prevent Ni Xue from getting close to Han Zhuoling.

Im giving them a like, so cute!”

“Where, where, I want to take a look.”

“I saw it too, they are too sweet.”

“I think they indulged Shi Xiaoya a lot too, whats going on It feels like they were trying to help Shi Xiaoya keep an eye out for her boyfriend, to not let other people get close to him.”

“HAHAHAHAHA! I thought so too! So Im not the only one!”

“Given their attitude towards Shi Xiaoya, if you compare it to their attitude towards Ni Xue, its obvious how Ni Xues relations with the others are like.”


They went to film the show together, so they surely understand Ni Xue better than us.

But since this is a show, they will definitely be polite.

Whatever they do in private is in private, it would definitely not be appropriate to express it on the show.

But Zhang Shuidong and the others could not even hide their disdain for Ni Xue on the show.

Who knows how much they dislike her in private”

While the netizens were tearing at each other, the show had already aired to the part where Ni Xue entered the tent and was arguing with a follow director from the production team.

To put it more accurately, she was throwing a one-sided temper tantrum at the director.

And not long after, Lu Dongliu came and told her those words.

Which then persuaded Ni Xue.

Unexpectedly, the production team actually did not edit that part out.

Even Shi Xiaoya only then knew that such a scene had actually happened outside.

It was this very part that made the viewership ratings and site visit ratings for the television station break a new record during that time period.

And it even broke the record from the shows first episode.

“LOLOL, the production team did brilliantly! This is a true variety show!”

“Did Ni Xue think this part would be edited out and would not be aired HAHAHAHAHAHA! Giving a like for the production team! Massive like!”

“Ever since Lu Donglius team got led astray by Lu Man, they are just determined not to take the usual path anymore, playing all these nasty little tricks here and there.”

“HAHAHAHAHA, come to think of it, its true what you say.

This is really similar to Lu Mans style HAHAHA!”

“No, no, no, this was not taught by Lu Man.

The production team only got led astray by Lu Man.

Dont accidentally lead Ni Xues fans to complain about our Man instead.”

Shi Xiaoya was also reading the comments.

When she saw the thread about Lu Man, she also burst out with a laugh.

The show had not reached its humorous points yet, so everyone turned to look at Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya laughed as she explained, “The production team aired the part where Ni Xue was throwing a tantrum.

Unexpectedly, Lu Man got called out for nothing.

The netizens are saying that the production team had been led astray by Lu Man.”

Lu Man: “…”

What was going on

She did not do anything.

She felt very wronged too!

“What did you do just now” Han Zhuoli wrapped his hand around Lu Mans waist and leaned over to take a look.

Lu Man had been watching the TV while using her phone to chat with someone since just now.

Lu Man stopped and explained, “Its Ni Xue.

She doesnt have that many fans to begin with.

She was able to bring about a wave of comments just then totally because shed hired paid posters and had a work studio to operate all these things for her.

“She probably also saw that after the show aired, her performance in it wasnt very good and will very easily attract hate, so she found people to adjust her image a little.

She led the blame towards Xiaoya to make the netizens feel displeased with her instead.

“Hah.” Lu Man scoffed sarcastically.

“Fine if I wasnt around usually.

Now that we are all together and we can react in time, how can I just watch her smearing Xiaoya like this

“Its done,” Lu Man said.

Han Zhuoli laughed when he heard that.

His wife was such a queen!

“This is all because you have been too quiet recently and there isnt much news about you online.” Han Zhuoli chuckled.

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