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Chapter 2294: Why Did He Make Her Sound Like a Bad Bully

“They all just forgot the fear of being dominated by you.”

Lu Man: “…”

Why did he make her sound like a bad bully

“Aiyo, someone posted chat conversations showing Ni Xue instigating her fans in her fan club group chat.” Shen Nuo was watching the drama unfold calmly and turned to Lu Man to ask, “Did you do this”

“I contacted Da Xiong just now,” Lu Man said.

Old Mrs.

Han enthusiastically raised her hand and said, “I know Da Xiong, hes quite famous.

Hed exposed quite a lot of gossip.”

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself that the Han Family itself was a big boss in the entertainment industry.

What kind of gossip did the Han Family not know about, yet Old Mrs.

Han still loved to wait for online gossip exposés.

This was an example of simply enjoying the process of waiting.

“Their work studios all have people hiding amid fanbases, especially among the main fanbases of celebrities who were parachuted into certain positions or shows,” Lu Man explained.

“This kind of fanbase groups that are the closest to interacting with the celebrity should be quite difficult to infiltrate, right” Shi Xiaoya asked.

“With celebrities with many fans, their fans have actually already formed a professional department under their management company or personal work studio.

The president of the fanbase, or the fanbase support groups president, is actually subordinated to the celebritys management company.

For many of the mature fanbase groups, most of the people who are in charge of the fanbases now are no longer the same as the founders whod started the fanbases.

“The fanbase groups that they are in direct contact with and lead belong to the core circle, while the people in charge of them, as well as some cadres, naturally form the core of the entire fanbase.

The people in these core fanbase circles are all diehard fans.

They wont be shaken easily.

But the premise to this is that the fanbase must already be mature, and the celebrities themselves must already have a massive fanbase.

On this foundation, they can select among the fans to form a core fan circle.

“Fanbases like these are indeed a little more difficult to infiltrate, but its not impossible.

Actually, they dont need to infiltrate the deepest core of the fanbase.

They can just be in one of the branches.

Whatever issues the fanbase cadres want to raise and spread, whatever activities they want to organize, they will also screenshot and send them over.

In this way, they can still know about many things as well.

“As for the kind like Ni Xue, her fanbase has not reached such a scary level yet.

What she needs to do now is to suck fans in, no matter the quality of the fans, to first raise the numbers.

Her fanbase numbers can represent her popularity to a very large degree.

Many television dramas and films, brand ambassador opportunities, are all determined based on the celebritys fanbase following as well as popularity.

“So, she doesnt have the right to pick and choose her fans right now or to be picky about their quality.

In other words, its good enough that she actually has fans.

One more fan would be considered one more boost.

“Under such circumstances, her fanbase group is too easy to infiltrate,” Lu Man explained.

“And for people like Da Xiong, they actually rarely waste their efforts to infiltrate very popular celebrities fanbases.

As for those celebrities, they will just stalk and take photos of them, or use other methods to get scoops.

Infiltration is usually reserved for the kind like Ni Xue, who had just gotten a little famous but not to the level that they can pick and choose their fans.

“As for those who all of a sudden burst out with overwhelming popularity overnight from being a nobody, such methods would not be suitable.

“For the kind like Ni Xue, because her fanbase is way too messy and difficult to manage, even if the internal fanbase information gets leaked out, there are so many people, so they wont be able to find out who had leaked it.

They cant possibly clear out the entire group and re-admit people.

They wont dare to and they dont have the right to do that,” Lu Man analyzed for Shi Xiaoya.

Old Mrs.

Han and the others only then knew that there were so many ways and means in all of this.

Just because the Han Family held such a high position in the entertainment industry, it didnt mean Old Mrs.

Han would know about these things.

In the era when Old Mr.

Han helmed the Han Corporation, the entertainment industry was not like how it was now.

Now, the changes had become way too dramatic, but Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling would not tell her about all these pieces of gossip either.

Anyway, the two of them were only in charge of the overall direction of the Han Corporations development, taking an international view of the business.

How would they care about such gossip Not just Han Zhuoling, but even in Han Zhuolis eyes, caring about all these things was just a waste of time.

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