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Chapter 2295: What a Coincidence Dont You All Think

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So Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling did not know about these, much less Old Mrs.


After hearing Lu Man explain, Old Mrs.

Han then sighed and tsked before saying, “Every industry has it hard!”

Hence, that was why, suddenly, a lot of Ni Xues fans appeared out of nowhere online and made those comments in the real-time chat.

To prevent people from saying the screenshots were quoted out of context, making them attract a wave of attention for Ni Xue instead, the screenshots that were taken were especially complete, detailing the whole conversation from the opening, development, turning point up to the ending.

At first, the fans were discussing how, because there were no more spare rooms in the show, Ni Xue had to be punished by sleeping in a tent.

Right at this moment, the group chat administrator came out to say that Ni Xue was coming over to chat with everyone.

The fans were naturally overjoyed and exuberant.

They did not think there was anything bad about Ni Xues performance in the show.

Choosing to see through tinted glasses with a clear fan bias of their own accord was that amazing.

Ni Xue first said, “Hello, everyone.

I feel really bad.

This time, my performance in the show wasnt very good.

Everyone must be disappointed.”

Fan 1: “No, I dont think Xue Xue performed badly.

Youre very cute.”

Fan 2: “Yeah, Xue Xue, dont worry about those people online.

They are just a bunch of keyboard warriors.

Besides tapping with their fingers, they dont have any other skills.

You performed really well.

Some people have dark mindsets, so they think that everyone thinks the same way too.”

The administrator: “Yeah, and Xue Xue slept in a tent this time, how heartbreaking.”

The moment the administrator mentioned that, the others agreed and chimed in as well.

Ni Xue then said, “No choice.

I was the only girl left.

I couldnt possibly share a room with Zhang Xiangyou, right”

Ni Xue continued with one line, “Actually, based on the production teams room arrangements of having two people to a room, the number of rooms was just adequate.”

This line instantly reminded the fans of it.

Fan 3: “Right! There were clearly just enough rooms.

If not for Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya wanting to share a room, Xue Xue and Zhang Xiangyou wouldnt have been the only ones left behind.”

“Forget it, lets not talk about it anymore.

It has already passed,” Ni Xue said.

Fan 4: “My heart aches for Xue Xue.

Its clearly not Xue Xues fault.

Its just Shi Xiaoya whos too much of a bully, just because she has someone backing her up.”

Ni Xue: “Dont say that, it wont be nice if word of this gets out.”

Fan 5: “This is being too much of a bully! You wont even let us say it.

Does she think her family runs the show”

Fan 6: “If Xue Xue wont say it, we will go and say it!”

Fan 7: “Right, well go and say it!”

Ni Xue then pretended to try and stop them a few more times.

Fan 8: “Xue Xue, dont say anything more.

We cant let you get bullied like this!”

Fan 9: “Yeah! And we are seeking justice for Xue Xue, it has nothing to do with Xue Xue.”

Hence, that was why Ni Xues fans spoke about the room issue earlier on.

Who knew someone would actually post screenshots of their fanbase chat group conversation online

Even Ni Xue herself did not expect it.

Ni Xue was actually afraid that her performance would make her lose fans and wanted to salvage the situation.

So shed directed the anger of her fans towards Shi Xiaoya.

By shifting the target like this, people wont be thinking about her.

But why did she not consider it Was Shi Xiaoya easy to bully

Leaving Han Zhuoling aside for the moment, with just Lu Man around, it would already be enough for her to deal with it.

The crowd of onlookers in for the drama all came over and read all the conversations on the screenshots.

“Wow, Ni Xues fans are so amazing.

You said something like the show is not run by Shi Xiaoyas family.

You guys are right, indeed it isnt.

But its sponsored by Han Zhuolings family.

Shi Xiaoyas boyfriend is the production teams sponsor daddy.

What a coincidence, dont you all think”

When Old Mrs.

Han saw the netizens comments, she laughed until tears came out of her eyes.

“HAHAHAHA, the kids nowadays, why are they so funny.”

Shen Nuo moved her fingers and also left a comment.

“Its really such a coincidence.”

Be it Shen Nuo or Lin Liye, they were both doing charity work.

The Han Family also had their own charity foundation.

Shen Nuo and Lin Liye also had their own main accounts on Weibo, which they used to promote their charity events.

When Shen Nuo left the comment, she switched to her private account.

The netizens were all lively and abuzz, but no one knew that the person on the other side of the screen was actually Shen Nuo.

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