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Chapter 2297: Extremely Proud

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Han Zhuolings face darkened.

Its fine if they had dirty thoughts about him, but they actually dared to imagine how Shi Xiaoya looked like after shed taken her clothes off.

This could not be tolerated.

After the show ended, during the credits, there was a reminder from the show that on Dong Hua Stations online platform, VIP members would be able to see the complete version of the episode.

That was the real complete version where not a single scene was cut, which was akin to a recording of the whole filming process.

Do you want to see a side to the guests that has not been revealed before

Do you want to see their real interactions in private

Do you want to see the follow-ups to Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya

Do you want to see scenes from the mission that have not been aired

Please log on to Dong Hua Stations online platform for the complete version of Survivor, a 16-hour complete version that lasts from morning until night.

Exclusively for VIP members on Dong Hua Station Online.

Han Zhuoling: “…”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Whod have guessed that Lu Dongliu knew how to play this much Hed even thought of this.

They just did not expect that they would become a gimmick used by the production team for publicity.

This feeling did feel a little weird.

At this moment, Han Zhuoling turned to look at Lu Man and said, “The netizens are right.

Lu Dongliu has really been led astray by you.”

Lu Man: “…”

The others still could not bear with the jet lag, so they went to sleep first to regain their energies and wake up in the afternoon.

In this way, they could sleep a little later at night, then slowly, they would be able to adjust to the time difference.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya went back to their rooms.

Shi Xiaoya felt a little curious about how she and Han Zhuoling looked like in the show from a third-person perspective.

Watching herself on television felt different from participating in the show first-hand.

It was like watching a familiar stranger on television.

It was a fascinating yet weird feeling.

Shi Xiaoya then went to search for Dong Hua Stations online platform.

She was not a VIP member of Dong Hua Station yet, so she first went to register as a member before going back to the page.

They actually started right from when they were doing makeup.

They even aired the scene of the staff wanting to bring Han Zhuoling to the makeup area.

Yet Han Zhuoling said very proudly, “Xiaoya already put on makeup for me in the room.”

The pride on his face could not be masked at all.

Some of Han Zhuolings fans scolded jokingly, “So proud to have a makeup artist as your girlfriend eh! Look how proud Young Master Ling is.”

“This kind of pride is also a form of indulgence.”

“The moment he mentioned Shi Xiaoya, Young Master Ling would always feel extremely proud.”

Han Zhuoling came out and saw Shi Xiaoya hugging the tablet and watching.

He then came over and hugged her so she could lean into his embrace.

Shi Xiaoya paused the video.

She thought to herself that besides how she felt quite curious about it as well, this idea of Lu Donglius was quite good too.

Although the live-stream was much more interactive, the downside was that if they missed one part, they would not be able to continue watching and understand what happened next.

With this, even if she paused the video, it would not affect anything in any way.

“Arent you sleepy” Han Zhuoling asked her.

“Im still okay.

I want to bear with it for a while and then sleep at night, try my best to adjust to the time difference,” Shi Xiaoya said.

This timing was about the same as staying up all night back home.

Right now, the sky was still bright outside, so it was a little easier to endure it than staying up all night.

Actually, Han Zhuoling stayed up and endured it like this when he went on business trips too.

He and Shi Xiaoya had also stayed up through the night quite often in the past because they had to work overtime, so this to them was quite a normal thing.

Shi Xiaoya turned back and looked up.

She only reached his chin, so she planted a kiss there.

“You go and rest first” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Im still okay too,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Ill watch this together with you.”

“Look, the netizens are all talking about you,” Shi Xiaoya said to him with a smile as she pointed to the comments section.

Han Zhuoling looked all proud as he said, “My girlfriend is just so outstanding.

How can I not be proud”

Shi Xiaoya blushed as she shared the screen on the tablet with the TV.

When she sat back down, Han Zhuoling pulled her into his arms again.

As if he could only watch the TV if he was hugging her.

As long as there were scenes that Shi Xiaoya or Han Zhuoling was not in, Han Zhuoling would not be interested in any of them and would just fast forward.

In this way, the two of them watched the whole thing quite quickly.

Not long after, they saw the rooms allocation part, where the two of them were in one room.

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