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Chapter 2303: Are You Getting Bullied

Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli would be making use of their time in the US to settle their company affairs in the branch office here.

“Im not a kid, I dont need him to protect and follow me everywhere.” Lu Man smiled.

“If he did, he should just be my parent already.”

Han Leilei laughed.

“Right, right, right.

You done with the procedures”

“Wait a moment.” Lu Man turned to Jose.

“Excuse me, are the admin matters done”

Jose didnt hide his disdain and sniffed.


Ill get a student to bring you to your dormitory and introduce you to the learning and living environments here.

Theyd tell you the stuff to take note of when studying.”

“No need,” Zhang Xiaoying said.

“Were here for her.

Well take her to the dorm and have her rest.”

Jose pursed his lips.

“Fine, you can settle it yourselves.”

Jose thought they were probably going to complain to Lu Man about being humiliated these past few months.

Hence, Lu Man left with the four.

Once out of the building and upon reaching the campus, the four Asian faces became extremely prominent.

Just like how four foreigners walking on a campus full of Chinese students would be equally eye-catching.

“Lu Man, youre finally here.

Weve been looking forward to having you here.” Han Leilei had nothing to hide from Lu Man.

Hearing this, Guo Hai and Tan Mingxiao both looked a bit awkward.

“Why” Lu Man asked.

“You all knew I was arriving today.”

“The storys a bit long and confusing, I dont really know where to start,” Han Leilei replied.

“Then well talk in the dorm, no worries.

Just slowly start from when you all arrived here.

That Jose student just now kept talking weirdly to me.

Have you all been getting bullied these past few months” Lu Man asked.

Even Zhang Xiaoying wanted to cry upon hearing Lu Man.

Like a bullied child who finally saw his or her parents, she felt relieved and also wanted to cry about her grievances.

But Zhang Xiaoying quickly pushed down such feelings.

How could she be so useless, actually feeling like Lu Man was her family!

Dont forget, Lu Man was her opponent!

In reality, however, unbeknownst to Zhang Xiaoying, Lu Man had never treated her as a competitor.

Because Zhang Xiaoying was never her opponent.

Though apart from the four, no one else they passed understood Chinese, Han Leilei felt that talking about this on the road wasnt suitable.

So she seized the chance to introduce Lu Man to the school and its surroundings.

She talked mostly about living arrangements.

When they reached the dormitory, she informed Lu Man about its matters.

As for the dormitory, it was rather like a condominium.

Everyone had their own rooms and a shared space.

Good enough to satisfy both personal privacy and community living.

The exchange students were located on the same level this time.

Hearing of Lu Mans arrival, everyone gathered in the living room outside of Lu Mans room.

Everyone heaved an obvious sigh of relief upon seeing her.

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