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Chapter 231: Something So Embarrassing, How Can They Casually Say It Out

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Everyone in “Sheng Yue” recognized them.

Wei Zilin gave Chu Zhaoyang, Yan Beicheng and the rest a call, inviting them over, and Yan Beicheng made his private room in “Sheng Yue” available to them.

Entering the room, Han Zhuoli pulled out the chair for Lu Man to sit.

Wei Zilins tooth ached again upon seeing Han Zhoulis chivalry, were they bullying him just because his wife was not there

“What do you want to eat” Han Zhuoli asked, passing over the tablet to Lu Man.

“Yes yes, order anything you want, Yan Beicheng is treating us.” The eyes of the waiter who was pouring tea for the three of them twitched upon hearing Wei Zilin mention Yan Beicheng.

“…” Han Zhuoli frowned.

“Isnt this dinner party organized by you Why did it suddenly become Yan Beichengs treat”

Wei Zilin said confidently, “Isnt this Yan Beichengs hotel Of course, we have to put it in his account.”

Lu Man: “…”

There was really nothing wrong with that!

After some time, Yan Beicheng and Lin Chu came over, they had even gone over to fetch Wei Zilins wife Xu Moyan.

Not long after Yan Beicheng arrived with Lin Chu and Xu Moyan, Chu Zhaoyang and the rest came one by one.

Right now, the people seated around the table were all couples, Chu Zhaoyang and Gu Nian, Wei Zilin and Xu Moyan, Yan Huaian and Yu Zi, Wei Ziqi and Wei Ran, Qi Chengzhi and Song Yu, Qi Chenglin and Yan Danchen, Nan Jingheng and Chen Yian couple.

Finally, when all of them had arrived, Han Zhuoli introduced them to her one by one.

These people, all of them were very famous, Lu Man knew about them from her past life.

Honestly, whether it was her past life or the current one, she would never have had the opportunity to interact with these people if not for Han Zhouli, they were worlds apart from her, be it status or anything else.

She never thought that she would have the opportunity to share a meal with them, chatting and laughing; sometimes, fate really knew how to play a joke.

From the way they portrayed themselves to the world, they seemed to be cold towards outsiders and it felt like it was extremely difficult for anyone to get close to them.

But the truth was that when they chit-chatted in the group chat, they were just like normal people.


Now that they had gathered together for a meal, they were chitter-chattering and laughter flowed freely, no one putting on any airs at all.

All their words cracked up a joke, there was no sign of the cold atmosphere they usually had around themselves.

Even the Chu Zhaoyang who always had a quiet persona was someone who liked cracking jokes in private.

These people, they really treated outsiders and their own people differently.

“If it wasnt for the fact that Zilin met you today, this Zhuoli, I dont know if he even planned on letting us meet you ever,” Qi Chenglin said with a smile on his face.

After chatting for a while, somehow, they became quite familiar with each other.

They were very friendly towards Lu Man and with Gu Nian and other spouses present there, Lu Man quickly became familiar with them and was no longer nervous.

These people seemed to have some kind of charisma, as long as they wanted, they could quickly remove the walls around someones heart and the awkwardness and become familiar quickly, talking as if they were old friends.

“I didnt expect Zhuoli to finally find himself a girlfriend, at least now Old Mrs.

Han will let you enter the house right!” Yan Beicheng laughed.

“Is there some kind of story to this” Lu Man asked curiously.


“Hahahaha!” Nan Jingheng laughed, he had a gloating expression on his face that saidnow onwards Han Zhuoli even you will have this kind of sorry states.

“Its just that Brother Zhouli is already quite old and yet doesnt even have a girlfriend, because of which the Old Madam is too anxious and said that she would only allow him to enter their house when he brings his girlfriend along.”

Han Zhuoli, “…”

He really regretted calling them over tonight.

Something so embarrassing, how can they casually speak it out loud!

Lu Man did not think that the old madam of the Han Family was so cute.

“Younger sister-in-law, you dont know that as soon as anyone of us finds a girlfriend or gets married, our Old Madams will make a phone call to agitate the Old Madam Han and once Old Madam Han gets agitated, she takes it out on Brother Han,” Nan Jingheng exposed Han Zhuolis situation.

“When Old Madam Han first found out the Qi familys eldest son was getting married, she pulled on Brother Hans ear so much that when we met him the next day, we thought that his ear was a bit too big.

Han Zhuoli, “…”


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