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Chapter 2321: Got Goosebumps

Oren was the idol in many peoples hearts, but he was still young and a little more inexperienced.

Compared to a mature man like Han Zhuoli… suffice it to say that they each had their strengths.

But if they were to really be compared, Oren really did not have much of a chance.

Would Lu Man risk it just to have some thrill with him

Helena did not think so.

Albertines smile became even more creepy as he said in a small voice, “Buddy, if you really succeed, you have to tell me.

Even if you cant share, you can at least tell me about the process.”

Albertine then glanced at Helena and said to Oren, “If you strike, it will definitely work.

That Lu Man woman is really too arrogant.

But its just as well.

Usually, the more arrogant a woman is, the more spice there would be when you do it.”

Oren intuitively understood his point and laughed.

Although they were not too close to each other, Lu Man still felt a little uncomfortable.

As if someone was looking at her.

Its true that there were probably only a few people in the classroom who were not looking at her right now.

Many people were curious about her.

But curious or furtive looks would not make her feel uncomfortable.

At this moment, she felt as if she was getting goosebumps, and she felt really uncomfortable.

Lu Man turned her head, wanting to look for the source of that discomforting stare.

Unexpectedly, the moment she turned, she happened to meet Orens gaze.

Lu Man could instantly confirm that the gaze that made her uncomfortable just now came from Oren.

Because the moment her gaze met Orens, she instantly got goosebumps again, which she really did not like.

Lu Man frowned and did not look back again.

But that uncomfortable feeling persisted, so she knew that Oren was still staring at her.

Lu Man felt a little annoyed.

At this moment, the school bell rang.

Professor Howell also entered the classroom at the sound of the bell.

As there were not many people in the class to begin with, Howell had long become familiar with the students there.

This was true even after the exchange students came over, because there were only nine of them.

To Westerners, the faces of Asians were a little difficult to differentiate.

But Howell was a very conscientious and serious teacher.

He was also one of the teachers that Han Leilei and the others mentioned before, the ones who would teach them.

Although he had high demands in class and was very stern, he was also a very responsible teacher.

As long as students were willing to learn and put in the effort, no matter who they were or what kind of standard they had, he would be willing to teach them.

He believed that as long as people tried and as long as they improved, that was a reward in itself.

Hence, Howell had also memorized the faces of the exchange students.

In this way, when a new face like Lu Man suddenly appeared in class, Howell could tell at once.

His face darkened a little.

As for Lu Mans record, hed naturally heard his fair share of it.

His colleagues talked quite a lot about Lu Man as well.

Some of them admired Lu Mans acting skills and felt that she was indeed capable with some strengths in her acting skills, so if she could continue developing well moving forward and hone her acting skills, her future was one to look forward to.

But there were some people who were not happy with Lu Man.

They felt that she was still so young yet was too arrogant for her age.

Actually, the most important thing was, they were not pleased that she could actually defeat their schools exchange team, which made the school feel really disgraced.

But Howell did not think the same.

He did not care whod won or less.

Who made it a rule that you always had to win, that you must always be the winner and that other people must never win against you

When he saw Lu Mans competition video, Howell also admired her very much too.

He really wanted to see what effect it would produce if he taught Lu Man their acting techniques over here.

At first, Howell had really been looking forward to it.

But he did not expect that Lu Man would actually put off coming for so long.

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