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Chapter 2334: Become Holy and Forgiving

Howards face was beet red; even his lips were trembling.

“I lost.

I… I admit defeat! I promise, next time, I wont ever mock you… and your classmates!” Howard struggled to finish his sentence and clenched his teeth tightly.

“And” Lu Man asked further.

“And” Howard whipped his head up to look at her.

And what

Didnt Lu Man simply ask him not to behave arrogantly in front of her and her classmates

Hed already promised just now.

What other demands did she have

“Dont tell me you forgot so quickly” Lu Man raised an eyebrow and said, “You said before.

Besides kneeling, you also have to slap yourself twice.

“These words were said by you while pointing at my face,” Lu Man said.

“Youd pointed right at my nose and said it, that if I lost, I had to kneel down in front of you and slap myself twice.

We agreed that the same applies to you.”

Not a single person stood out to speak up for Howard.

Because Lu Man had already made it very clear just now.

He, Howard, had pointed at someones nose and told her to kneel and slap herself.

Why did he not think it was too humiliating for her then

Hed thought from the start that he would surely win against Lu Man, so hed kept forcing her, not giving the other party any face or room to renege.

Yet now that he lost, now that he was the one being embarrassed, he wanted other people to let him off

When he thought hed win, hed forced the other party to agree and never intended to let her off.

Now that hed lost, he was demanding that the other party let him off.

What right did he have to demand that

Even if they were classmates, they also felt that he was asking for far too much.

If it was like this, then was he the only one who could bully others

Others could not bully him

Did he think he was the Chosen One or what

It was like what Lu Man had said earlier.

If the two of them were to swap positions now and it was Lu Man who had lost, would Howard let her off

Given how arrogant and domineering Howard had been earlier, without a hint that he was going to spare her, they knew he would surely not have let Lu Man off.

So now, why should he demand that Lu Man let him off

Actually, though the words that Lu Man had said previously seemed to have been intended for Howard to hear, in fact, shed said them for the surrounding students benefit.

To let them see Howards attitude.

Hence, now that Lu Man was telling Howard to follow through with the bet, no one would say that she was pressuring him too much.

Because of Wu Zilins attitude just now, Guo Hai became more wary and was focused on his reaction the whole time.

Indeed, Wu Zilin wanted to say something again.

Guo Hai just dragged Wu Zilin out of the small theater room.

He found it strange.

Previously, when they were being bullied, Wu Zilin had had his fair share of suffering too.

Why then, when this moment was upon them, did he became such a holy and forgiving person

The students from New York University did not say anything, and the other teammates on their side did not either.

Only he could not stand watching it.

What a joke.

He and Zhou Li were both from Donghua Academy of Drama, but the other one did not even say anything.

Why did Donghua Academy of Drama send someone with such a low EQ

Even Guo Hai felt a bit of a headache.

“What are you doing!” Wu Zilin shrugged off Guo Hais hand unhappily.

Guo Hai laughed in anger.

“Youre asking me what Im doing Were you going to plead for leniency again”

“Lu Man is really being too much like this,” Wu Zilin said.

“Then think about what Lu Man said just now.

If she and Howard were to switch places, if the person who lost were Lu Man and if she were the one kneeling there now, do you think Howard would let Lu Man off” Guo Hai asked him.

But Wu Zilin said all righteously, “Whether Howard lets her off or not, thats Howards matter.

Thats because Howard is distasteful.

But him being distasteful doesnt mean we can do this.”

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