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“Man Man!” Han Zhuoli really could not stand it anymore, lowering his head, he kissed her fiercely and sucking on her lips.

Lu Mans lips were sucked until they were painful and her tongue numb, seeing that she could not even speak properly Han Zhuoli finally let go of her.

“Be less naughty, my self-control is really not as good as you think,” Han Zhuolis voice was tight and hoarse, his forehead beaded with sweat.

At this moment, he was angry as well as in love, not knowing what to do with this little fox!

Then, Han Zhouli straightened the seat, letting her sit properly.

Otherwise, he would surely suffocate here.

Lu Man controlled her laughter, not daring to make it too obvious, otherwise, this man would be provoked beyond endurance.

“Right, this Best Newcomer Award, I heard that theres a 60,000 yuan prize money,” Lu Man remembered, “When the money is transferred, Ill return you the 50,000 yuan that I owe you.”

“Alright,” Han Zhuoli smiled and nodded his head in acknowledgment, he did not say anything about how she did not need to return the money.

This small bit of money was really not much to Han Zhuoli, but he understood Lu Mans intention.

Lu Man hoped that their relationship was equal, with no pending dues.

Furthermore, Lu Man did not want to pretend that her debt of 50,000 yuan was non-existent just because she was dating Han Zhuoli now.

She did not feel that since their relationship changed, she would not be obliged to return that sum of money.

Han Zhuoli liked this about Lu Man, he knew that Lu Man was behaving like this just because she wanted to have a proper relationship with him and take it forward to marriage.

Seeing that Han Zhouli understood her, Lu Man felt touched and smiled brightly.

“Then Ill go take leave now.”

Han Zhuoli saw that it was indeed not early, “Ill send you up.”

“I can go up myself,” Lu Mans heart ached for him, “You should return home early to rest.”

“It wont take much time.” Han Zhuoli looked at her gently.

“Man Man, you have a boyfriend now.

You aint alone anymore, you have someone to take care of you.”

Lu Man heart throbbed fiercely, she was engulfed in a warm feeling and could smell the familiar mint fragrance.

Han Zhuoli walked her to the front door, “Its already too late, Auntie must be asleep, so I wont go in to disturb her.”

Lu Man nodded her head obediently.

“Then you go back quickly, drive carefully on the road, when you reach home, send me a message.”

“Alright,” Han Zhuoli smiled and agreed.

He lowered his head, kissing Lu Mans lips.

“Good night, rest well.”

Lu Man kept staring at Han Zhouli until his shadow finally disappeared at the turning on the stairs, only after that did she open the door and entered her home.

Seeing the light kept on, she thought that Xia Qingwei had probably left it on for her.

The warm light shone onto Lu Man, making her heart felt warm.

Back then, when she was Lu Qis assistant, she was busy all day and night.

When she returned home, no one bothered to acknowledge her, and there had never been anyone leaving the light on for her.

Even though there were people in the Lu Family house, it always felt cold to her as if she was alone.

Every time she returned home, she was always met with darkness and coldness.

Lu Man had just changed her shoes when she was shocked to see that Xia Qingwei had not gone to sleep yet and walking over wearing a shawl.

“Mom, why arent you asleep yet” Lu Man asked shocked.

“I slept for a little while and woke up when I heard you enter.” Xia Qingwei was a light-sleeper and as she was aware that Lu Man had not returned home yet, she did not sleep well.

Although with Han Zhuoli being with Lu Man, she was not much worried.

Also, she was not a conservative mother, Lu Man was already old enough to take her relationship forward with Han Zhuoli, she could make her own decisions, and thus Xia Qingwei never planned to interfere.

But as a mother, with her daughter being out all this time, yet to return home, she could not be utterly relaxed.

It had nothing to do with Lu Mans safety, it was just a mothers heart.


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