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Chapter 2342: I Am Convinced

Wu Zilin looked dissatisfied and wanted to say something.

However, Zhang Xiaoying interrupted him.

“Do you want to say that Im helping Lu Man because I want to please her

“Ha, it had been ages ago when Lu Man and Young Master Han openly declared their relationship.

You can go and ask the people from the National Film Academy what my relationship with Lu Man was like at that time.

If I wanted to please her, did I have to wait until now” Zhang Xiaoying said.

Han Leilei could not control herself from laughing.

She had indeed been in the entertainment industry for a long time as her response was quick.

“Before now, when we were being looked down on by others, you werent that impressive.

After Lu Man came, she used her capabilities to shut those peoples mouths and allowed us to feel more relaxed here.

As she has the capabilities, Im convinced,” Zhang Xiaoying said.

“Im not afraid of admitting that Im not as good as others.

I also wont look down on you because of this.

I look down on people who obviously do not have the capabilities yet still talk a lot.”

Han Leilei nearly lost control and laughed at Zhang Xiaoyings words.

“Before I came, the principals from the four schools had reached a consensus for me to be the team leader.

I have every right to make some decisions on my own,” Lu Man said.

“I originally didnt agree as I was afraid.

The team had been pieced together, after all.

Everyone is a top student of each school, and its inevitable to be unconvinced by the capabilities of others.

“And my relations with people have always been average,” Lu Man said.

Zhang Xiaoying mercilessly rebuked her.

“Yours is not simply average.

Its very poor, alright Whenever you stand up, you end up being mocked by the group.”

Everybody was dumbfounded.

Zhang Xiaoying was really frank.

“I also know this.” Lu Man smiled and said, “Before I came, you all had already let your experiences unite you.

You had also put aside your personal merits and demerits and those of the school that you represent.

If it were otherwise, I would be having a hard time.”

“Its good that you know.” Zhang Xiaoying sneered.

“Youre usually very good at making others hate you.”

Everyone was confused.

Looking at Zhang Xiaoyings attitude, it did not seem to them like her relationship with Lu Man was good.

However, that was also not right.

They were neither on good terms nor bad terms.

Instead, they were like bickering enemies.

Anyway, Lu Man also did not get angry when Zhang Xiaoying said this.

It was actually quite interesting to hear Zhang Xiaoying rebuke her.

Wu Zilin sneered in his heart.

Zhang Xiaoying could just be pretending.

To show that she was not trying to please Lu Man, she had intentionally rebuked her.

It was too intentional.

“I was originally worried that if I led the team, you all would not stand for it and the team would be in a state of disunity.

And because you were unconvinced by me, and were dissatisfied, you all might not be able to merge together while preparing for the competition.

Hence, I had originally rejected the position and said that I would only come over to do my part.

Sun Hezhou laughed and said, “You cant think like this now.

I admit that before I came, and when I found out that you would also be coming but at a later time, I was quite against it.

If we hadnt gone through all these setbacks, I would definitely be unconvinced by you when you came today.

“But Im convinced now.

Anyway, I willingly acknowledge you as the team leader,” Sun Hezhou said as she smiled.

Following that, Guo Hai said, “Me too.

Im satisfied with having Lu Man as our team leader.”

Xu Chuansheng said, “We had suffered a serious setback previously and were just waiting for Lu Man to come.

She not only helped us to take revenge, but she also taught us more regarding performance matters.

If a person like her is not the team leader, who else can it be”

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