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Chapter 2345: A Problem in Reality That Could Not Be Delayed

The problem of snatching roles and being unhappy with one another also did not exist.

This was a decision that had been made by the teachers from the four schools after they had discussed it.

Hence, there werent any issues of bias.

The teachers had allocated the roles according to the students respective capabilities.

However, they had considered that there were really very few people here who knew Chinese.

Even if they knew it, it was also very difficult for them to understand the broad and profound Chinese language.

Chinese lines would not work here.

Hence, they could only choose English dramas.

But then there were the issues of cultural differences and performance methods.

The teachers from the schools also did not dare to provide guidance hastily.

Furthermore, after practicing for a few months here, their standards would be raised, and there would definitely be differences in their performances.

According to past practices, students would look for professors whom they usually got along better with to help them rehearse.

It was just that everyone did not expect the situation to be so bad this year.

At this moment, Han Leilei asked a question.

“Which teacher should we look for to help us rehearse this year”

Everyone finally calmed down from the happiness of Lu Man arriving and winning against Howard.

They thought of this problem in reality that could not be delayed.

“Our situation this year is possibly the worst compared to those of previous batches.

There wont be many teachers whod be willing to help us rehearse.”

Many teachers with high standards looked down on them.

There were a few teachers who were usually willing to guide them, but they seemed unwilling to help them rehearse.

After all, their capabilities were really quite weak.

Their chances of winning were not high.

If they lost, wouldnt the teacher who helped them to rehearse feel ashamed

Others would feel that the teachers standard was also not good.

Thus, whod be willing to come forward

Everyone thought of this problem.

The standard of the teacher who was willing to come forward might be average.

Hence, there wouldnt be too big of a difference whether a teacher had come to them or not.

“Lets try.

No matter what, we have to ask first,” Guo Hai said.


Lets ask first,” Tan Mingxiao said.

“Lets not look for those teachers who look down on us so that we wont humiliate them.

Lets come up with a name list first.

One by one, well go and ask the teachers who are usually willing to guide us.”

“But theres still a problem,” Zhang Xiaoying said.

“Many teachers only come over during lessons, and they have their own jobs like stage performances and performances in movies and television shows, etc.

They may really not have the time to come and help us rehearse.”

These words made everyone silent again.

Zhou Li smiled and said, “Well have to ask first before we know.

What if there are teachers who are free and also willing to come”

“Right.” Han Leilei nodded.

“We can make use of the afternoon to go and ask each one of them.”

Hence, everyone started to make a name list.

Lu Man could not interfere in this matter.

After all, she had just arrived and was not familiar with the teachers here at all.

Moreover, back when she was at the National Film Academy, shed even represented the academy and won against the exchange team that represented this side.

This had really made them lose face.

It was reckoned that many people would ignore Lu Man.

Furthermore, would they help Lu Man to win against their own school

Wouldnt it be too lowly of them to do so!

Hence, Lu Man might as well not go.

Lu Man herself also knew this.

Thus, she should be well-behaved and wait in the dormitory.

Everyone, including Wu Zilin, was assigned a name of a person to approach.

As some of them were in the office, they directly went to the office to ask those people.

As for those who were not around, they sent emails to ask them.

It was natural that the teachers whom they had sent emails to would not reply so quickly.

After half an hour, everyone returned one after another.

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