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Chapter 2353: Should Just Kneel

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“Just now, you told us something like because our school had fewer placements, they bullied you.

When you said this, was it of any help to boosting the unity of the team” Principal Lu said coldly.

Han Leilei instantly seized the chance to say, “Previously, when we couldnt find any professor to help us with rehearsals, he also blamed it on Lu Man.

He said that this was because Lu Man had wanted Howard to honor the bet even after Lu Man had won against Howard.”

Han Leilei scoffed and said, “So, what he meant was that we just cant win.

Even if we won, we cant do that and have to give back our win.

Moreover, Lu Man and Howards bet was agreed by the two of them, and it was even Howard who challenged her first.

He should be willing to accept defeat.

If Lu Man lost, Howard would not have let Lu Man off.

Why shouldnt Lu Man treat Howard in the same way when she won

“In Wu Zilins eyes, we should just kneel, just admit defeat, and just bow down to others.

With his mentality, how can he possibly try so hard to win just like the rest of us who all want to win Previously, after he went to apologize to Howard, Lu Man had already told him that if he can unite together with us and stop acting on his own accord, we would still accept him.

“But if he cant, then were sorry, our team doesnt need a hindrance like him,” Han Leilei said.

“This all happened this afternoon, less than two hours ago.

Wu Zilin also promised that he would definitely not affect the teams unity again, so we will all work together as one.

Yet just half an hour had passed when, just because we have no professor willing to come and help us with rehearsals, he once again pushed the blame on Lu Man.

“The rest of us are all trying to think of ways to resolve the problem at hand, yet he was desperately trying to find someone to blame.

As if this could prove that he was right.

Whether he was right or wrong was most important to him, and whether we win or lose the competition is not even as important as his personal gain or loss.”

Lu Man gently pressed on Han Leileis shoulder.

There were some words which she could not let Han Leilei say.

If they had to bear the consequences, it was more suitable for her to bear it.

So, Lu Man held Han Leilei back and said herself, “So, we hope someone can come and replace Wu Zilin.

Although the time is a little tight, at least its better than having to waste much of our time every day afterward quarreling with him.”

Without Lu Man asking, the others quickly agreed with her right after.

“Thats what I think too,” Zhang Xiaoying said.

“This is what I think too,” Guo Hai said.

The others all expressed their agreement.

In the end, only Zhou Li was left.

She was the only student from Donghua Academy of Drama and was classmates with Wu Zilin.

It was not very appropriate for Zhou Li to express her stance at this moment.

The others all knew, so they did not ask Zhou Li to speak up.

Previously, Zhou Li had been on their side all along.

Her attitude was already very clear.

If Zhou Li also helped Wu Zilin, even though they were just two people and not as many in number compared to them, it would also be enough to kick up a huge fuss.

Principal Lu nodded.

“Our schools student gave you all trouble.

I will immediately go and pick a suitable student to come over.

It will be too late to apply for a visa now, so I can only choose from the students who already have a visa application approved.”

Luckily, those who could afford the expenses to study acting all came from pretty well-to-do family backgrounds.

There were quite a number of students who already had visas.

And within Donghua Academy of Drama, there were also students who had already debuted to film dramas.

As they needed to attend some fashion shows or other similar events, quite a number of them had visas on hand as well.

“Principal!” Wu Zilin exclaimed..

“We had already decided that I was the one coming.

How can you exchange me for someone else just like that”

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