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Chapter 2357: He Was the Trouble

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Principal Lu was evidently very happy too.

He smiled and said, “Like Lu Man, half a year is too long for him, so he couldnt come, but he can still come for a week.

He has already confirmed his schedule.

Going by the time in the country, he will leave in the afternoon.

Going by the time over on your end, you guys will be able to see him tomorrow.”

Wu Zilin quietly opened the door slightly to hear the conversation outside.

When he learned Wang Yanglin was coming to replace him, he knew he really had no chance at all left.

Wu Zilin had still been thinking at first that since he had been here to learn for a few months, his capabilities had significantly improved.

As for the student who would come to replace him, even if he was obedient, if his capabilities really could not make the cut, then Wu Zilin would still have a chance to snatch back his spot.

But the person coming was Wang Yanglin.

Even if Wu Zilins capabilities had improved, he still could not compare to Wang Yanglin.

He really did not even hold on to that last bit of hope now.

He could only behave properly, just like what his father had said.

Meanwhile, the others were overjoyed.

“Thats great.

What happened this time was really a blessing in disguise,” Zhang Xiaoying said.

Wu Zilin felt so angry that he almost rushed out.

What blessing in disguise

That meant he was the trouble!

“Ive worked together with Wang Yanglin before,” Tan Mingxiao said with a smile.

“Hes very easy to get along with, and hes very serious when acting.

On performance matters, if there were any disagreements, he would be very willing to accept those other views.

And he would go and try out those different methods and choose the best way to act in the end.

Basically, if he can come, he is really the best candidate.”

Principal Lu also said with a relaxed look on his face, “When I spoke to Yanglin about this, he agreed very readily.

If he can come, I can feel assured as well.

“Rest assured, you all.

Wang Yanglin knows the importance of unity.

Hes very cooperative and very serious.

Sometimes, when he gets into character when performing, there might be some disagreements, but he is definitely not someone who will carry those conflicts beyond the performance.

If indeed, someone else makes a better point, he will adapt.

He wont stubbornly insist on his own views,” Principal Lu said.

Besides students like Wu Zilin whose families gave huge sponsorships and whom the school would take more care of, there were also people like Wang Yanglin, who were capable to begin with and had a good character.

Principal Lu cherished such talents a little more.

Of course, Wang Yanglin came from a family background of established actors, so he was not less comparable to others.

With the second biggest problem resolved and Principal Lus mission completed, he could also end the call with peace of mind.

Whats left was the problem of finding a teacher.

“Actually, I am not that confident, but Ill go and ask first,” Lu Man said.

The others did not pressure her.

They all said it would be good enough if she could ask, and it was fine even if they still could not find someone.

“Anyway, we are already in the worst case scenario now.

No matter how bad it is, it wouldnt get any worse.

Even if you dont go and ask, we still have to think of other ways in our current situation,” Sun Mengying said.

Lu Man smiled and said, “Okay.

Dont worry, I wont feel pressured.”

Han Leilei smiled and said, “She wont feel pressured at all.

Her mental resilience is very strong.”

It was as if, without Wu Zilin causing trouble, everyones mood had lightened considerably.

Coupled with the prospect of the addition of a star player like Wang Yanglin, the immense stress they felt previously seemed to have halved.

No matter what, they would still have Lu Man and Wang Yanglin around.

Wu Zilin secretly eyed their exuberant faces, feeling really sour deep down.

When they suddenly lost one member, they were actually not affected at all.

So much for their past few months of interaction!

“In that case, do we need to change up our originally assigned roles” Tan Mingxiao asked.

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