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Chapter 2358: Did This Make You Both Uncomfortable

Everyone did not expect that Tan Mingxiao would broach that subject.

Initially, back when they were in the country and had discussed this with the teachers, they had agreed that Tan Mingxiao would act as the male lead.

Now, Wang Yanglin was coming to replace Wu Zilin, and it was indeed not suitable for a person with such good acting skills like him to play Wu Zilins minor role.

But nobody brought this up at this moment.

They had finally eased the tension among everyone.

If they suddenly brought up this issue, they were afraid that Tan Mingxiao would be unhappy.

They had already swapped one person.

They could not afford to swap another person now.

And Tan Mingxiao was really not bad.

Whod have thought Tan Mingxiao himself would actually broach the subject.

But Tan Mingxiao was also quite capable, so it was not appropriate for him to take on Wu Zilins role.

Lu Man nodded and said, “Then lets wait until weve found a teacher to reorganize the assignment of our roles.”

Hence, the matter was left at that for the moment.

Lu Man had to leave first while the others remained in the hostel to use the limited time left to practice even more.

Han Leilei had not met up with Lu Man for a long time, so she stood up to send her off, intending to walk her until the schools entrance.

On the way there, the two of them could also have a chat.

As for meeting up with Lu Man individually, Han Leilei would skip that.

Han Zhuoli was way too clingy.

How could she dare to take up their time together

Anyway, when they went back home, they could still meet often, so they did not need to catch up here.

The two of them were walking across the campus grounds towards the entrance.

Han Leilei was talking to Lu Man when suddenly, someone called out, “Lu Man.”

Both of them stopped and turned around to look, feeling puzzled.

It was because the intonation of this voice was very strange.

It clearly came from a foreigner who did not know how to speak Mandarin.

And it was a male voice.

After Lu Man came, she really had not interacted properly with the students here before.

The only people whom she could consider as friendly would be Shana and Scarlett.

These two people were not men.

Lu Man vaguely felt that this voice sounded a little familiar.

When she and Han Leilei looked over, they then saw that it was Oren who was walking towards them.

He was alone.

When he saw Lu Man, he smiled in an exceptionally friendly manner, even radiating charm.

Of course, this was what other students who passed by on the school grounds thought.

Oren thought that he was radiating charm to Lu Man, but he did not know that Lu Man probably did not receive it at all.

She did not think that Oren was unleashing his charm at all and simply felt that this was as normal as it could be.

Lu Mans receptivity towards romantic feelings had been dulled more and more by Han Zhuoli.

As for her judgment of the opposite sex, her beauty standards for males had also been raised considerably by the Han Family brothers and the men from the other eight great families.

Oren was really not handsome enough to her.

Plus, Lu Mans beauty standards for males were still more traditional.

She was more appreciative of Chinese male faces.

She did not know why Oren called out to her, so the two of them waited for him.

Oren then brisk-walked over before stopping in front of Lu Man.

He unleashed his attractive smile and said, “Are the two of you going out”

He came of his own accord to have a chat, so Lu Man could not just ignore him and replied politely with a smile, “I am going back.

Leilei is sending me to the school entrance.”

“What a coincidence, I am going out too.

Why dont we leave together” Oren said as he smiled.

Lu Man and Han Leilei could not reject him, so they agreed.

Whether it was because Lu Man had given Howard a ruthless lesson the moment she came, her stance so domineering that news of it swept the whole school, or whether it was because of Orens popularity, the whole way out, they received quite a lot of attention.

But Oren clearly attributed this to his popularity.

He said very apologetically, “Im sorry.

Because of me, we are getting too much attention right now.

I wonder if this makes you both uncomfortable”

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