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Chapter 2361: Looking for Someone

There were dozens of theaters all over the street.

And this street was collectively known as Broadway.

Broadway was divided into Inner Broadway and Outer Broadway.

Inner Broadway was from Street 44 to Street 53.

Outer Broadway was from Street 41 to Street 56.

Classic, popular, and commercial repertoires were staged in Inner Broadway.

In contrast, some experimental, not well-known, and low-cost repertoires were staged in Outer Broadway.

Robert and Hayer were naturally in Inner Broadway.

But the two of them would occasionally perform in Outer Broadway.

They often received some pioneering and niche scripts.

The theaters had hoped that they could come and perform so that the popularity of their repertoires would be raised and more people would watch them.

Both of them would really look at these scripts.

If they really came across good ones, they would also accept them and perform in Outer Broadway.

It was just that the number of performances was few.

Xiao Guo stopped the car at the entrance of the theater that was written on Roberts name card.

He let Lu Man alight from the car before looking for a place to park it.

Lu Man then entered the theater alone.

The place where actors usually rehearsed was definitely out of bounds for people.

When Lu Man looked at the recent performances, she saw that there was a performance of “The Phantom of the Opera” that night.

Robert happened to be performing in it.

Hence, Lu Man went to enquire if she could buy tickets for tonight.

She didnt expect to be lucky as there were still tickets for the box.

Lu Man then bought two tickets.

The rest of them had their own activities.

The two elders, Shen Nuo, and Lin Liye had already gone for a tour with the chauffeur, who drove them in a camper van.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya naturally had their own couple dates.

Not to mention Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei.

Lu Man thought for a while and took Roberts name card out.

“Is Robert here now”

The opposite party saw that Lu Man actually had Roberts private name card.

Robert also had two types of name cards.

One type was for official business collaborations, and the other type was for personal friends.

Roberts number was on this card, but Lu Man did not call him.

It was obvious that she wanted to personally meet him.

“Hes rehearsing.

Ill bring you in,” the opposite party said.

Lu Man didnt expect the opposite party to agree so quickly.

On the way, Lu Man directly questioned the opposite party in curiosity.

The opposite party didnt expect Lu Man to be so straightforward in her question, and he liked her temperament.

Hence, he smiled and explained, “This name card that Robert had given you is his private name card.

The fact that he has given it to you shows that youre someone with whom hes personally on good terms.

Hence, I naturally wont stop you.

Moreover, Roberts personal number is on this card, and you didnt call him.

You wanted to come here and give him a surprise, right”

Lu Man explained, “Im a student from the National Film Academy.

Robert and Hayer previously came over to be judges.

They saw my performance and gave me this name card.

They said that I could come over and take a look if there was a chance to do so.

I just arrived here yesterday and thought of seeing him today.”

The opposite party did not think that Robert and Lu Man had any kind of relationship between men and women at all.

This was because Robert liked men.

Hence, it was impossible for him to like Lu Man.

He had really thought highly of Lu Mans performance.

Furthermore, Robert was an upright person.

He would never use the reason of “guiding” anyone, and giving anyone a chance, or doing anything to obtain all kinds of benefits.

Roberts character was acknowledged as good in the circle.

A short while later, they reached the place of rehearsal in the theater.

It was the same as Lu Mans theater in her country.

They rehearsed on the stage.

The audience seats were below the stage.

That staff member said, “Theyre rehearsing now and cant be interrupted.”

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