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Chapter 2375: Im Just That Petty

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“Moreover, you said it yourself.

They were invited by Lu Man, so it has nothing to do with you.

Since theyre not invited by you, what do you have to be so smug about As if its all thanks to you.” Wu Zilin scoffed.

Xu Chuansheng sneered in return.

See, thats how Wu Zilin was.

Ignoring Xu Chuansheng, Wu Zilin turned to Lu Man imploringly, “Lu Man, I really wish to improve my acting skills.

Can I listen in while Robert and Hayer are coaching you

“I know Im not in the competition and got no roles to play, so I cant get any direct pointers from Robert and Hayer.

So Ill just be at the sidelines watching.

Learning from their coaching of you guys is good too.”

Wu Zilin felt he was very sincere when he spoke to Lu Man.

“And Ill just be watching from the side.

I wont be interrupting anything, and you all wont be suffering any losses because of this.

If itll affect you negatively, I wont do it for sure,” Wu Zilin said.

Since Lu Man and the others wont suffer losses and they were all classmates, whats not to be allowed

Its only a matter of allowance, and they need not do anything for him.

If Lu Man wouldnt agree, then shes just petty, bad.

Hence, Wu Zilin believed that after hed said those words in front of so many others, Lu Man wouldnt reject him to protect her face.

Otherwise, how small-minded would she appear

Just because she was so spiteful, she would reject such a simple request.

Then what authority would Lu Man have left in this team

How could she lead others, then

Wu Zilin was confident, feeling all clever for outsmarting Lu Man and forcing her hand.

“No way.” Lu Mans voice rang out.

Wu Zilin thought hed misheard.

How could Lu Man reject him

Fearing hed indeed heard wrongly, Wu Zilin asked, “Wh-what did you say”

“I said no.” Lu Mans voice was clear and strong, with no trace of hesitation.

“I refuse to let you listen in.

We wont bring you along.”

“Why!” Wu Zilin looked disbelievingly at Lu Man.

“Ill not be affecting anything, and you wont be losing anything.

Why cant I join!”

“Simply because Id invited Robert and Hayer,” Lu Man replied.

“You were picking on me, and now you want to attend lessons from teachers invited by me What reason is there for you to enjoy advantages brought by me”

“You…” Wu Zilin couldnt even choke out a reply.

He never thought Lu Man would really reject him!

Wasnt she afraid of others feeling she was someone petty who held grudges

“Robert and Hayer might not have come because of your name,” Wu Zilin said, insistent.

“Oh” Lu Man replied blandly.

“Then invite someone if youre capable.”

“Thats right, when we couldnt get anyone yesterday, why didnt you say anything about inviting Robert and Hayer” Han Leilei couldnt hold herself back.

“Lu Man, perhaps in your eyes, our previous interactions might not have been pleasant, but in my view, that wasnt unpleasant.

I wasnt picking on you.

I was thinking about the team, and there were some problems with how I communicated it.

Do you really have to bear grudges” Wu Zilin pressed.

“Thats right, I hold grudges,” Lu Man said blandly..

“Im just that petty.

If I didnt hold grudges, would Yu Xingzhou and Bai Shuangshuangs matters then even occur”

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