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Chapter 2383: Luckily, Lu Man Arrived Late

“Let me think about it.” The principal clutched his head, feeling his head hurt.

The secretary thought for a moment and suggested, “Why dont we send another teacher over We can say that the teacher can be an assistant to Robert and Hayer.”

“No.” The principal instantly rejected this suggestion.

“Sending anyone over now is too late.

Arent we obviously admitting that we purposely did not arrange to send a teacher to the exchange team Previously, those teachers were not free, yet oh, now that Robert and Hayer came, they suddenly have the time”

The principal thought about it and sighed.

“Forget it, just let this matter be.

We dont need to send teachers over either.

Anyway, theyd already invited Robert and Hayer.

If we send someone now, that would just be unnecessary.”

The principal was not assured.

This Lu Man only arrived yesterday and had already made such a big fuss.

In the blink of an eye, shed put their school in such an awkward position.

If she stayed on for a few more days, who knows what else would happen

At this moment, the principal already felt a little lucky—lucky that Lu Man arrived late.

If she came right from the start together with the team, she might even have subdued the students who had mocked their exchange team.

The principal tapped his fingers on the table and said to his secretary, “Do a check on the information you can find about Lu Man in their country.”

“Sure.” The secretary went out to handle it.

On Lu Mans side, they had already started officially rehearsing.

With Robert and Hayer around, things indeed ran more smoothly.

They first gave the team members a topic each to perform.

They then assigned their character roles based on their performance.

Unsurprisingly, Wang Yanglin became the male lead and Lu Man the female lead.

Oren and those students from the top team also got aggravated by this.

Robert and Hayers arrival had made them feel nervous.

Although they did not say it, they all worried a little in their hearts that they might just get ambushed and defeated by the exchange team if they were not careful.

After their first day of rehearsals ended and they returned to the hostel, Wu Zilin was already gone.

Seeing that even if he stayed, Lu Man would still not let him get any advantage at all, Wu Zilin finally stopped wasting time here.

As rehearsals filled up their schedules, before they knew it, the day of the Mega Charity Gala arrived.

Lu Man had been so busy that she forgot to prepare a gown.

Each years Mega Charity Gala would have a designated theme.

This years theme was ancient civilizations.

This theme was really easy to explore and play around with.

Most countries had their own ancient civilizations with a long and rich history.

The generations of culture, aesthetics, and trends were all very charming.

But Lu Man had been too busy and forgot about it.

When Wang Yanglin asked her what design style she would be wearing tonight, Lu Man then remembered about this matter.

For get-ups in galas like these, there were of course people who wore ready-made apparel, but as long as it was an artiste of high caliber, they would mostly get designers to specially design a piece for themselves to wear.

It was clearly too late for Lu Man to find a designer now.

She could only hope to go around looking in stores to see if she could find a suitable ready-made gown.

She thought that, if that was really not possible, she could go to Chinatown to find a cheongsam as well.

As she thought of that and sat in the car that Xiao Guo had driven over, Lu Man returned to the hotel first.

Yet the moment she stepped in, she saw that Han Zhuoli was there too.

“Why did you come back so early today” Lu Man asked in surprise.

After coming here, Han Zhuoli became a little busy.

As he did not oversee the operations here personally previously, there were many things he needed to understand from scratch after coming over.

And he wanted to use this chance to take over the control of the company here as well.

So, during this period of time, he and Han Zhuoling had both been very busy.

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