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Chapter 2384: If You Become a Good-for-nothing, I Will Support You

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Han Zhuoli pulled her over and flicked her forehead casually.

“You really forgot.”

Lu Man laughed guiltily and pulled Han Zhuoli along as if he was a genie, then hugged his elbow as she asked, “What should I do I totally forgot about attending the Mega Gala, so I didnt even prepare a gown.

Theres still time to buy one now, but Im just worried that I wont find a suitable one.”

He witnessed her tilt her small face and stare pitifully at him with a look filled with reliance.

Before this gaze from Lu Man, Han Zhuoli even felt, was he someone who could do anything in Lu Mans eyes

But luckily, this time, he really did not disappoint his wife.

“Seeing how youre so busy that you couldnt care about other things, rehearsing in the day and practicing on your own at night, how would you remember the gala” Han Zhuoli said.

“I have already asked Qin Zigou to design a gown for you early on.

The gown has already been sent over.

The styling team will bring it over in a moment.

“But its a pity Xiaoya has to put on makeup for Yu Mingshu, so I can only find someone else for you,” Han Zhuoli said.

Lu Man was so delighted, and she did not dare to believe that Han Zhuoli had actually resolved this burning issue of hers just like that.

“Hubby! Youre just like a god!” Lu Man let go of Han Zhuolis elbow and hugged Han Zhuolis waist as she said, “How do you think of everything! Its precisely because you think of everything for me that Im so ditzy as to just casually forget about attending the gala.”

She just felt that no matter what happened, Han Zhuoli was always around.

No matter what happened, Han Zhuoli could resolve it for her.

“If you act like this, I might become more and more muddle-headed, thinking that, anyway, you will clean up my mess after me,” Lu Man said, feeling worried and alarmed.

“What if I become a good-for-nothing because of this”

Han Zhuoli chuckled and said, “If you become a good-for-nothing, I will support you.”

Lu Man thought to herself, didnt he support her all along

As the two of them spoke, the doorbell rang.

It was the styling team that Han Zhuoli hired.

Qin Zigou came as well.

Although the makeup artist was not Shi Xiaoya, whom he had always partnered with, this gown was designed by Qin Zigou himself.

So Qin Zigou also came personally.

Gao Zishan and Dong Qinrong each had their own brand sponsors, so what they wore were the gowns provided by their respective brand sponsors.

Wang Yanglin had a collaboration with a brand now and was competing to become that brands ambassador, so he did not dare to casually wear another brand or designers apparel.

Unlike Shi Xiaoya as a makeup artist, if the artiste had a brand sponsorship, she would just use that brands products, which was unrelated to her work as a makeup artist.

Qin Zigou was even thinking that if there was really no other option, he could only look for foreign artistes who had no brand sponsorship clashes to ask if they were willing to wear the outfits hed designed.

But Qin Zigou still preferred letting domestic artistes don his apparel, as they would be able to better highlight his designs.

But alas, there were only a total of four domestic artistes invited this time around.

When he thought of Lu Man, he instantly thought that he could let Lu Man give it a try.

It was such a coincidence that Han Zhuoli came to look for him.

So just like that, they agreed to have Qin Zigou design a gown for Lu Man.

Lu Man first let the stylists do her makeup and hairdo before changing into the gown that Qin Zigou had designed.

Qin Zigous design integrated elements from the traditional Han Chinese dress.

It was accompanied by blue and white porcelain embroidery embellishments—simple yet elegant and graceful.

Han Zhuolis outfit similarly had elements of traditional Han Chinese costume styles integrated into it mixed with modern-day fashion styles, making him look refined and graceful as well, which matched perfectly with Lu Man.

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