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Chapter 2385: Narrow Road

Lu Man felt that this Mega Charity Gala was actually just a large-scale costume party.

And she had never actually seen Han Zhuoli wear such an outfit.

He looked like a graceful gentleman from ancient times, like frost under the moon.

If Han Zhuoli had the long hair of ancient Chinese men, bundled high up, he would really look like a jade-like young master.

The two of them set off for the gala.

On the way there, Lu Man asked, “Wheres Big Brother”

“Xiaoya wants to go together with Big Brother after doing makeup for Yu Mingshu, so hes just waiting there directly for Xiaoya to finish work,” Han Zhuoli explained.

The guests invited to the Mega Gala included famous people from the culture, sports, and entertainment sectors.

From actors, singers, and models to athletes such as basketball stars, rugby stars, baseball stars, etc.

Lu Man did not really keep up with the sports scene, so she really did not know many people.

She and Han Zhuoli walked the red carpet.

Lu Man was naturally not very famous here, but Han Zhuoli was getting more and more famous.

Coupled with the huge box office sales for the films that the Han Corporation had invested in, this young and talented CEO had already become a popular figure within the industry.

It was not just industry insiders, there were also many of his fans among the netizens.

So the moment Han Zhuoli and Lu Man went up for the photo-taking session, all kinds of cameras focused and zoomed in on them.

The fans who came to cheer for their own idol originally also did not miss this chance to snap a few shots of Han Zhuoli and Lu Man.

If anyone knew Lu Man here, it was probably because of how Lu Man had chased Bourbotte back previously.

But because Lu Mans exposure here was quite low, coupled with the fact that Westerners really had very low ability to differentiate between Asian faces, Lu Mans fame was not affected negatively by Bourbottes incident.

After the issue gradually died down, people also gradually forgot about Lu Man.

Even previously, when Lu Man led the National Film Academys team to win against Howard and the others, that was circulated only within a small, professional circle in the industry.

Most people actually did not really care about this, so they did not take it to heart.

Besides attending as an actress, Lu Man also attended as Han Zhuolis wife.

The lady boss of this film entertainment empire, the Han Corporation, stood with a very imposing aura beside Han Zhuoli.

Not long after the two of them walked the red carpet, they saw Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya coming over as well.

The organizers also considered Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuolings relationship, so theyd specially arranged for them to be seated at the same table.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya had just sat down when Han Zhuoling said, “Just now, when we were outside, we saw that Lin Jinshu and Wang Qianyun came as well.”

Lin Jinshu was entering the fashion industry now.

She found quite a few supermodels to advertise her brand, and they become its ambassadors.

Meanwhile, Wang Qianyun had started leading artistes after she entered her present company, so she came along with the artistes.

Lu Man thought to herself that Han Zhuoling seemed to have become a little gossipy now too.

But even though she did not expect Lin Jinshu and Wang Qianyun to come, if they really bumped into each other, Lu Man was not scared either.

Not long after, they saw Lin Jinshu and Wang Qianyun coming in.

The two of them seemed to be looking for their own seats, but their gazes ended up landing on Han Zhuoli and the others who were seated over here.

When the two of them saw them there, they actually walked straight over.

They did not look awkward at all, as if nothing unhappy had happened between them at all.

And Wang Qianyuns expression appeared very normal.

She did not show her obsession and infatuation with Han Zhuoli either.

Lu Man still remembered that Wang Qianyun could be considered to have returned in shame back then.

Yet within this period of time, she had thought things through on her own

Lu Man did not quite believe it.

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