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Chapter 2386: We Dont Know You At All

Wang Qianyun had pestered Han Zhuoli previously and persisted for a long time.

Yet now, after being back for a short while, shed already thought things through

Lu Man didnt think Wang Qianyun was such a sensible person

“Brother Han, Lu Man, what a coincidence.” Wang Qianyun stood by their table.

Han Zhuoli gave Han Zhuoling a look.

Lin Jinshu didnt spot the exchange between the brothers.

Wang Qianyun was fixated on Han Zhuoli, and so she did not notice Han Zhuoling.

As for Lu Man and Shi Xiaoya, they were focused on Wang Qianyuns reaction.

Thus, nobody actually saw the silent communication between Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli.

In the end, after Wang Qianyun finished speaking, before Han Zhuoli could open his mouth, Han Zhuoling sneered, “Who are you calling Brother Han”

Had it been someone else, it would have sounded like teasing.

But Han Zhuolings icy expression ensured that no one misunderstood his obvious displeasure.

Hearing this, Shi Xiaoya knew Han Zhuoling was helping Han Zhuoli avoid a sticky situation.

The smile froze on Wang Qianyuns face as she began cussing out internally.

She had barely managed to plaster on an appropriate smile when she walked over just now.

It was a smile that shed practiced for a long time at home.

It was all in preparation for meeting Han Zhuoli officially.

She wanted to portray herself as being magnanimous, like she had really left the past behind her.

But she forgot, and a single “Brother Han” had exposed all her intentions.

If she really had no motives towards Han Zhuoli, there were many other forms of addresses such as Mr.

Han and Young Master Han that could have clearly distinguished the relationship between them.

“Brother Han” made them all felt discomfited.

Hence, Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling could sound out her motives.

Han Zhuoli didnt want to spare Wang Qianyun any chance to talk to him.

So Han Zhuoling had spoken up.

Being unfamiliar with Han Zhuoling, Wang Qianyun didnt dare to be thick-skinned and presumptuous.

As she faced Han Zhuoling, Wang Qianyuns upturned lips quivered, struggling to maintain her smile.



“Who are you calling Mr.

Han” Han Zhuoling asked snidely.

“You, naturally,” Wang Qianyun replied, slightly frustrated.

Han Zhuoling curled his lip.

“You address me as Mr.

Han but call my brother Big Brother Han Such a big difference”

“Im unfamiliar with you, so…”

Han Zhuoling cut in, “So you know my brother really well”

Without waiting for Wang Qianyuns answer, he turned to Han Zhuoli.

“How come Ive never heard you mention this person before”

“I dont know her at all.

Obviously, I wont talk about her.” Han Zhuoli smiled blandly.

Han Zhuoling nodded, turning to Wang Qianyun.

“Since youre unfamiliar with each other, then you should address my brother as Mr.


Otherwise, others will misunderstand and think youre on close terms with us.

They might assume that giving you benefits can allow them to gain something from us.

Youd be taking all the advantages and ruining our reputation.”

Wang Qianyun: “…”

This man, how was he so vicious!

Lu Man was also witnessing Han Zhuolings vicious mouth for the first time and it was really… impressive!

In her mind, Shi Xiaoya grumbled—if this man had not been ruthless with his words, would she have been angered by him back then

Han Zhuoli waved his hands, chasing her away.

“Please stand further away, we dont know you well.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled.

“Thats right.

Now that the Han Corporation is expanding well, many want to work with us and gain from the Han Corporation.

You standing here can easily lead to misunderstandings.”

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