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Chapter 2393: Officially Started

When Rowell bade farewell to Han Zhuoli and the others, Oren also followed him and left.

It was because he had a lot of doubts.


Hefheim,” Oren asked, “why were you so polite to Han Zhuoli They have only just entered our circle.

Is it worth it to…”

Oren dared not to say the word “please.”

But Rowell understood what he meant.

He turned around and smiled as he glanced at Oren.

He wondered why he didnt realize in the past that Oren was actually a fool.

Of course, it was because he was the boss and Oren was not someone important in their company.

He naturally did not know Oren well.

However, seeing Orens performance tonight, Rowell gave him an “X” in his heart.

It was better not to introduce such good resources to an idiot like him.

It didnt matter if he was foolish and had offended others, but it would not be good if he implicated the company.

Oren had the capabilities.

But this was Hollywood, and the competition was too great.

Hollywood had never been short of capable actors.

There were still many people in their company waiting for their chance to become famous.

Nevertheless, Rowell still reminded Oren, “If you have this kind of thinking, you wont go far here.

Dont ever underestimate the Han Corporation.

Why couldnt other companies come in, but theirs could

“Why didnt our investors enter their country, but theirs came in here instead”

Without a doubt, there were some policy reasons that were restraining them.

But it was also because their competition on this side was already very fierce; hence, they could not spare time for other matters.

It was also because they were consciously standing at the highest point and were disdainful of competing with the next few levels.

“But anyway, they have come over instead of us going over,” Rowell said.

“So you are not qualified to look down on others.”

He wondered where Oren had gotten his superiority from.

No matter what, they were playing with capital.

But he was still purely an actor to date.

On what basis did he dare to look down on Han Zhuoli

Hence, if one did not stand tall, he could not see far.

Rowell finally glanced at him.

He had already said it so clearly.

It would depend on Oren himself whether he could understand it.

The charity banquet ended.

As Lu Man was far away in America, she only paid attention to the domestic entertainment news occasionally.

As there was no news of her recently, she also paid less attention to it.

Hence, she did not know that her look had been fiercely praised by netizens.

This Chinese style design had amazed the Westerners, who were usually biased towards the aesthetics of the Chinese style.

It was still very difficult for them to recognize Asian faces.

It was also not easy for them to remember Lu Mans face.

However, they were amazed by her look.

They did not confuse Lu Man with others.

After all, she was Han Zhuolis wife.

Three days after the charity banquet ended, it was Sunday, which was the day of the official start of the exchange competition.

The school gave every student who took part in the competition two tickets so that they could invite their friends and relatives to come and support them.

As the families of the rest of the team members couldnt travel across the ocean and come over to cheer them on for various reasons, they had given their tickets to Lu Man.

The tickets were just enough for everyone from the Han family, Wang Juhuai, Xia Qingwei, Gao Zishan, and Dong Qinrong, whom Lu Man had earlier promised to give tickets to.

As Wang Yanglins manager and assistant were present, he had to reserve tickets for them.

Hence, he did not give his tickets to Lu Man.

The remaining ones were Zheng Tianming, Xiao Chen, Xiao Zhang, Xiao Guo, and Wei Zhong.

There were not enough tickets.

Hence, Lu Man had paid for their tickets from her own pocket.

Anyway, buying tickets directly through the school internally was simpler than having to snatch tickets from the officials.

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