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Chapter 2412: Count a Few More Times, Lest I Count Wrongly

“This is too infuriating!” Ashley stood up.

The teaching staff from the school was also present, sent by the school to prevent Albertine and the others from disrupting the exchange team again.

At this moment, Ashley said, “Arent you guys going to talk to them about this If they do this, how is it fair!”

“Robert and Hayer decided to do this on their own accord, we cant stop them,” a teacher said.

“Anyway, this time, its your home court to begin with.

The audience members below the stage also came for you guys.

You all had a natural advantage.

The four judges know you all better as well.

Compared to the exchange team, they are more familiar with you guys.”

Its just that the people in the top team had screwed up and ruined the advantages they had using their own hands.

What else could they do

Were they supposed to rush out now and stop Robert and Hayer from saying those words

Robert and Hayers presence would increase the reputation of their exchange competition.

It might not be a good thing for the top team, but it was definitely beneficial for the exchange competition as a whole.

It was impossible for the school to ruin the interests of the bigger picture just to protect the top team.

And the thing that the top team did this time around was really distasteful, and it embarrassed the school greatly.

All the more the school would not do anything for the top team.

The top team was definitely not on the side of favor where public opinion was concerned.

The principal knew that the incident backstage could not be kept under wraps and would definitely spread out.

If they still stood on the top teams side this time and helped them, the school would be scolded by people as well.

The school would naturally not do that.

They would not compromise the schools reputation just for the sake of the top team.

“You guys ruined the advantages you had.

Even if you want to protest to us now, we cant do anything about it either,” that teacher said.

These words left Ashley and the others speechless, dampening their anger in an instant.

And on stage, the marks that the four judges eventually gave for the exchange team actually totaled up to be the same as that of the top team.

The two teams were tied.

In the marks given to the exchange team, like what Robert had said, the marks for improvement took up much of the score points.

When the marks were shown, the people in the exchange team on stage did not react at first.

As the calmest person there, Lu Man calculated the marks first.

She informed everyone in a small voice, “We tied, we tied with the top team.”

Wang Yanglin, who was standing beside Lu Man, could not react for a moment.

He paused for a while before he turned and asked, “What… what did you say”

Lu Man smiled and said, “Count the marks.

We tied with them!”

Although they did not win, drawing in a tie was also an unprecedented achievement!

Wang Yanglin widened his eyes.

“Its a tie! Its a tie!”

The others also reacted one by one.

“We tied” Han Leilei asked excitedly.

Zhang Xiaoying muttered under her breath, uttering numbers non-stop.

Sun Mengying still asked, “Xiaoying, what are you muttering about”

“Dont disturb me for now.

Im counting,” Zhang Xiaoying said.

“There are only a few numbers, its very easy to count,” Sun Mengying said with a smile.

“Ill count a few more times, lest I count wrongly.” After Zhang Xiaoying said that, she started muttering as she counted.

They were scored using a ten-point system.

There were a total of four judges, so this was a primary school-level math problem.

Zhang Xiaoying still needed to count it over and over again, which showed that she was really very excited.

Sun Mengying could fully understand how Zhang Xiaoying felt, because she felt as if she was floating on her feet as well, as if she was dreaming.

At this moment, Zhou Li, who was beside her, shook her a little.

Sun Mengying turned to look at her and heard Zhou Li say, “Mengying, pinch me.

Im not… Im not dreaming, right”

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