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Chapter 2414: There Will Certainly Be Naysayers

“You think its because the exchange team has Robert and Hayers help, so its unfair.

But in reality, you guys are the ones who were given unfair, biased treatment by people,” the principal said.

Zac was suppressing himself until his face turned red.

“So, Principal, youre saying that our performance is worse than the exchange teams”

The principal stared at them deeply and said, “When you all finish watching the competition video, you can say whether you performed better than the exchange team or not.”

The principal finished speaking and walked away.

But these words made the people in the top team not dare to complain out loud anymore.

Could it be that their performance was really so bad

Lu Man and the others came back and prepared to remove their makeup and change out of their costumes so that they could go back on stage to give their thank-you speech.

The school had only prepared one victory trophy at first.

But because there was no victor this time and both sides were tied, the trophy prize was not needed.

Or else, they had to give both parties one each.

They could not give a trophy just to one party.

As they were tied, if both parties had trophies, this would sound quite ridiculous too.

Hence, they could only leave aside the trophy they had originally prepared and not use it.

The teams from both sides changed into their own clothes and went up on stage.

The exchange competition this time was considered to have come to a good end.

After the exchange competition ended, the very next day was the official end of the exchange program.

Normally, besides the principals from both sides giving speeches, each side would send a student representative up on stage to give a speech.

On the exchange teams side, the representative was naturally Lu Man.

So after the exchange competition ended this time, Lu Man still had to go back and prepare a draft of the speech she would be giving on stage tomorrow.

And as for what happened during the exchange competition today, the reporters reacted very quickly.

When the exchange team was still performing on stage, the reporters had already asked around about the details of the incident and uploaded their reports about it.

The school wanted to stop them, but they were not able to.

If it was just one or two reporters, they could still have resolved this in private.

The most important issue was that there were so many reporters, so they were not able to liaise with all of them.

As long as they could discuss properly, they could have asked them to show leniency and not sensationalize the reports too much.

But even so, the moment the news came out, the netizens reactions were still very strong.

Especially the netizens back home.

They saw that their exchange team actually received such treatment over there.

And the other party had even deliberately pulled cheap tricks.

“Nice one, exchange team!”

“The other party purposely pulled tricks and wanted to disrupt the exchange team members from getting into character.

Even if they were given time to prepare all over again afterward, their emotions would surely have been affected quite a bit and would not be as good as when they could prepare all the way right from the start.”

“With that, the exchange team still managed to draw in a tie.

As such, if the other party had not pulled tricks, the exchange team might really have won.”

“Nice one, exchange team! In our hearts, you arent in a tie, you are all winners!”

This time, Lu Man did not drum up the rhythm online.

The emotions came from the netizens themselves.

Of course, there would certainly be a fair share of naysayers, netizens who thought of themselves as emperors of reason coming out to go against the crowd, even thinking that they were different from others and they were the only clear-headed ones.

“You think they won just because they drew in a tie Can you all chill for bit Dont let your imagination run wild.”

“Some random news comes out online and you believe it just like that Previously, the hopes and cheers for the exchange team were too high, so they felt too much pressure and ended up releasing this news after they tied to show that they got disrupted during the competition, so no one will blame them and will even support them.”

“This rhythm was really drummed up well.

Now everyone is supporting the exchange team.

This was definitely done by Lu Man.

She just knows how to come up with such schemes.”

“They only drew in a tie, whats there to be proud of Yall need to chill, dont let people think we are a joke.”

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