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Chapter 2415: While They Can Still Laugh

But the moment voices like these came out, they instantly got scolded by other people.

“Get lost, naysayer! Why are you trying to make yourself feel important here!”

“If youre so good, go and do it yourself! No matter what, this is the best result an exchange team has ever gotten so far.

Their hard work and improvement were seen by everyone.

Those people who only know how to shoot their mouths off should just get lost now!”

“To be honest, previously, everyone really had high hopes for the exchange team and wanted them to win.

But what has them winning got to do with you Did they win for your sake They dont owe you guys.

No matter whether they win or lose, naysayers like you have no right to comment on it.”

But on the whole, the exchange team this time still managed to give answer to everyone favorably.

With a good ending, the students from the exchange team also relaxed.

Now that the competition had ended, they asked each other out for a celebratory dinner.

Of course, they would not leave out their two great benefactors, Robert and Hayer.

Robert even told Lu Man that before she went back, she should come to the theater to perform once.

Although it was for a minor role, she could give it a try.

Such a good opportunity would naturally not be rejected by Lu Man.

The others were also very envious of her.

But they were all contented.

They had achieved such an astounding result this time, and they had as good as added a very impressive record on their resumes.


The next day, as the student representative for the exchange team, Lu Man had to go up on stage to give a speech.

On Lu Mans side, her whole family naturally all came together.

Present were the four principals, as well as the school leaders from New York University.

The exchange students and the top teams students sat in the first two rows.

Behind that was then the seats for the schools students, as well as the family and friends of the students in the competition.

The Han Family people sat along the center-front rows.

The auditorium was very big and especially crowded.

Besides the people sitting nearby, as for who else came exactly, it was hard to tell at all.

Looking from this end to that end of the auditorium, one could not even see the face of the person on the other side clearly.

Hence, no one noticed that, in a very inconspicuous corner in the last row, Wang Qianyun and Lin Jinshu were seated.

The two of them kept an especially low profile, wearing dark-colored clothes so that they would not stand out from the crowd.

And they did not put on makeup either.

They just went bare-faced and put on very big-framed glasses.

The two of them were not students from this school to begin with, and with this deliberate low-profile getup, no one recognized them.

Wang Qianyuns gaze had been on Han Zhuoli all along, whereas Lin Jinshu was not staring at Wang Juhuai but at Xia Qingwei.

Xia Qingwei did not bring her baby.

She left her baby to the care of the auntie they brought along with them, back in the hotel.

It would not be good if the baby suddenly started crying here.

The two of them watched as the Han Family members in front chatted happily among themselves.

Wang Qianyun stared at them with a mocking smile and said in a low voice, “Laugh, continue laughing.

You all better laugh while you still can.”

“Are you sure theres no problem” Lin Jinshu asked in a low voice.

“Theres no problem, I already made proper arrangements,” Wang Qianyun said.

“The school didnt notice” Lin Jinshu asked further.

“They had just let the workers check the whole place inside out thoroughly yesterday before the exchange competition,” Wang Qianyun said in a small voice as she glanced at her sides cautiously, lest her words got overheard by other people.

“I sent people to do it after the schools workers completed their checks,” Wang Qianyun said.

“I found a few outsiders who only did what theyre paid to do, so theres no problem.”

Lin Jinshu nodded.

After ten-plus minutes, the event officially started.

The principals each went up on stage to give a speech.

Afterward, Oren, as the top teams student representative, went up on stage to give a speech.

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