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Chapter 2420: Connection

“But I couldnt keep up.

They were running too fast and soon disappeared,” Auntie Liang said.

“When I was chasing after them, some foreigners saw that I kept screaminghelp, so they came and asked me what happened, wanting to help me.

“But I didnt understand what they were saying and dont know how to use English to tell them.

Afterward, an elder sister who also had a kid with her, our countrymen, finally understood what I was saying and helped me call the police.

“That elder sister accompanied me here and helped to be my translator,” Auntie Liang said.

Wang Juhuai then saw a lady who was around the same age as Auntie Liang.

She had just finished recording her statement.

Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei quickly went to find the police and identified themselves.

The police searched for the surveillance camera footage at that park as well as its surrounding areas, and they saw the three masked men wearing caps whom Auntie Liang had mentioned.

From the footage, they indeed saw that two of them were holding on to Auntie Liang and even covering her mouth.

“I think this isnt a spontaneous snatching incident.

It looks premeditated, as if they were targeting you both,” that police officer said.

The police officer saw their passports and saw that they had just arrived not long ago.

“During the time youve been here, did you offend anyone”

Wang Juhuai shook his head.

“I dont have any enemies here.

I might have some competitors, but they are all positive competitors ranked on international competitions.

No one would do such a thing.

This is also my wifes first time here.

During this time, she had been with me all along and didnt go out on her own before, much less offend anyone.”

How great was their animosity to have to resort to snatching away someones child

Xia Qingwei trembled.

If it was really out of hatred and vengeance, then Yijun would be in an even more precarious situaiton.

Now that Yijun had been taken away, even if his life was not in danger, the other party could still do anything.

The person could just casually throw him away so they could never find him again.

He was originally the Wang Familys Young Master, but now, he would have his fate wrongly upturned.

At the mention of hatred, Xia Qingwei instantly thought of Lu Mans matter.

“Juhuai, do you think… it might be done by the same person” Xia Qingwei asked.

“Man Man met with an accident and is still unconscious now.

It has only been three days, and Yijun got snatched away.”

When the police officer heard that, he immediately asked, “What do you mean You both previously met with an accident as well”

Wang Juhuai nodded and told him about Lu Mans accident.

They had made a police report previously, but the police that was handling Lu Mans case was not from the police station in this district.

That police officer immediately said, “I got it.

Whether or not its done by the same person, we wont rule out this possibility.

I will immediately communicate with the police station on that end.”

“Thank you so much,” Wang Juhuai said.

The police officer said, “As for the three people who snatched away the child today, we are matching them against our criminal record database.”

Those three people were wearing masks and caps, covering their faces.

This increased the difficulty of matching their faces.

But as long as there were areas of their faces exposed, be it their eyes or ears, there would still be a way to make the comparison.

“But we can only match them against our criminal record database.

If those three people didnt commit any crimes before, then…” The police officer said this to let Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei be mentally prepared as well.

This case was no small matter, especially when the accident involved a baby.

One more minute of delay meant even more danger for Yijun.

So the police officers did not dare to delay at all and seized every minute to try their best to think of ways to search for him.

Wang Juhuai also told Han Zhuoli about the latest situation in detail.

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