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Chapter 2432: Intelligence Reached an All-time High

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Hence, for such an important plan, although she and Lin Jinshu had found some gangsters to execute the plan itself, the contact between the two of them would surely not have any third party involved.

The more Wang Qianyun thought about the tone of the man on the phone just then, the more suspicious she felt.

She thought about it, put on her sunglasses, and then went to the hotel Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei were staying in.

She went to the front desk to ask, “May I ask if Mr.

Wang Juhuai and Madam Xia Qingwei are in I heard that their son fell sick, so I came over to visit them.”

“Please give me a moment.” The front desk staff searched for Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingweis room as she asked Wang Qianyun, “May I know what your name is”

Wang Qianyun lowered her eyelids slightly before saying nonchalantly, “My last name is Guo.”

Wang Qianyun randomly picked a last name from one of the people who had worked with Wang Juhuai before.

She would definitely not mention her own name here and make Wang Juhuai suspicious.

The front desk dialed Wang Juhuais rooms number and said, “Hello Mr.

Wang, you have a visitor who wants to see you.

She said her last name is Guo.”

Wang Juhuai thought about it and felt that there was such a person.

He thought that it might be related to work, so he did not suspect anything.

After the front desk staff ended the call, the staff smiled and said to Wang Qianyun, “Mr.

Wang invited you to go up.

Hes staying in Room 1708.”

Wang Qianyun did not expect that Wang Juhuai would actually really be in the mood to see visitors.

If something had really happened to Wang Yijun, how would Wang Juhuai be in the mood to see anyone

Then there was only one possibility.

Wang Yijun had been rescued!

So Wang Qianyun asked about that.

Indeed, she heard the front desk staff say, “That little baby is fine.

I just saw them bringing their child out to play.

Theyre doing quite well, dont worry.”

Wang Qianyuns heart skipped.

She smiled at the front desk staff and acted as if she was going to look for Wang Juhuai by walking towards the lift.

Yet she seized the chance when the front desk staff was attending to other customers to quickly leave the hotel.

Wang Yijun was fine.

They had rescued Wang Yijun!

She did not know how Wang Juhuai had done it.

He actually managed to find Wang Yijun and even rescue him within such a short period of time.

But she knew that the people Lin Jinshu had found were people from the underworld.

And they all had guns.

They usually trafficked drugs, robbed people, and fought brutal street fights.

They would do anything.

These were all cruel people.

Wang Juhuai actually managed to rescue Wang Yijun under such circumstances.

Wang Qianyun hurriedly got on the car.

If Wang Yijun was fine, that meant that the person in trouble now was Lin Jinshu.

At this moment, Wang Qianyuns intelligence could be said to have reached an all-time high.

She then guessed that the man who had answered the call previously might very well be the police.

Since Wang Juhuai was able to rescue Wang Yijun, he would definitely know that the mastermind behind Wang Yijuns kidnapping was Lin Jinshu.

It was illogical for him to just let things slide so easily when he clearly knew that it was Lin Jinshu who had kidnapped his son.

So, that man who answered the call just then had to be the police.

Lin Jinshu had already been brought under control, so she was not able to answer her call.

Wang Qianyun shuddered in shock and fear.

Lin Jinshu was already caught.

Could her turn be far off

She did not dare to hope that Lin Jinshu would be able to shoulder everything and not rat her out.

Anyway, if she was the one who got caught, she would not protect Lin Jinshu either.

Since she had already been so unlucky as to get caught, they should both perish together if she was going to die anyway.

There was no reason that after she had been caught, shed still let Lin Jinshu live freely outside.

Judging others by her own standards, she knew Lin Jinshu was not a good person either, and she would not protect her in such a situation.

And what if the police offered some terms in exchange

What if, as long as Lin Jinshu cooperated, she would be able to reduce her sentence


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