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Chapter 2439: I Want to Go Home

He Zhengbai did not expect that a wardrobe that was standing perfectly on its own would suddenly crash towards him.

But it was too late.

The wardrobe crashed onto He Zhengbais back and pushed him into the flames.

“Ahh!” He Zhengbai was the most unfortunate one.

He had his whole face buried in the flames.

A wardrobe was pressing on his back, making it impossible for him to crawl out.

The ferocious flames burned his face.

He was in such agonizing pain that his face was twisted.

His whole body was twitching nonstop.

The skin on his face was rapidly being burned to crisp.

The firelight reflected on Lu Mans face.

She saw herself from her past life screaming fiercely, “Both of you will not die an easy death!”

Finally, all three of them died in the sea of flames.

Even the ferocious flames could not harm a single hair on Lu Man.

She stood among the flames, watching He Zhengbai, Lu Qi, and herself turning into ashes.

Lu Man looked around blankly.

As she hovered in this burning house, a sense of discomfort filled her heart.

This was the place where she and Xia Qingwei had depended on each other in their past life.

It was the place where Xia Qingwei walked the final steps of her life.

This ending was different in this life.

In this life, Xia Qingwei lived a good and fulfilled life.

Therefore, even when they sold the house in this life, they were not sad.

But now, Xia Qingwei was no longer here.

This old house became the only place where one could reminisce.

But now, everything was burned down.

Nothing was left.

She had no family here.

She had nothing.

“I want to go back.” Lu Man walked through the flames to the balcony.

The ferocious flames had already reached the balcony.

Lu Man stood amid the flames and looked up at the sky as she shouted, “I want to go home! I want to go home!”

She missed home.

She missed Xia Qingwei and Han Zhuoli.

“They are still waiting for me.

Send me back!” Lu Man shouted to the sky.

The firetruck arrived below the balcony, extinguishing the flames.

Lu Man flew out and hovered in mid-air.

She watched as the water put out the flames, leaving the house in ashes.

There was nothing left.

She wanted to go back to the world where she had a happy family.

“I want to go back! Why did I come here Let me go back! Let me go back!” screamed Lu Man.

But there was no response.

Tears flowed down her cheeks.

She sat down on the floor, at a loss for what to do.

This was still a familiar place and era.

She was familiar with everything here.

The traffic, shops, and the stores on both sides of the road did not change at all.

But to her, it all seemed so unfamiliar.

Because the people here were different.

In this place, Xia Qingwei was no longer around and Han Zhuoli did not know her at all.

The family and friends she originally had were non-existent here.

She was at a loss, not knowing where to go.

Furthermore, nobody could see her.

Lu Man stood at the same place for a long time before she headed off to the Han Corporation.

She did not visit the grave of Xia Qingwei.

Her mother was well and alive in the other world, after.

So she did not visit Xia Qingweis grave.

Lu Man arrived at the Han Corporation.

Nobody could see her, so nobody stopped her.

With no difficulty at all, she trod into Han Zhuolis office.

She saw Han Zhuoli looking at some files.

Lu Man walked towards Han Zhuoli.

His left ring finger was empty, without a ring.

He still had not gotten married.

Lu Man slowly reached out.

Even though she knew that her hand could not actually touch Han Zhuoli, she still carefully placed her hand on his face.

Han Zhuoli was looking at the files.

However, when Lu Man reached out to him, he lifted his head and looked straight at her.

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