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Chapter 2451: Where Did You Go

Unless Han Zhuoli saw it for himself, he would not believe it.

But Xie Jiling was unable to prove it now, so she could only wait until 9 AM.

Xie Jiling did not feel unhappy because of Han Zhuolis doubt either, because she could understand how Han Zhuoli felt.

It was also because she was the one who came.

If it were other people in her family who came, given their nasty temper, they would have washed their hands of the matter long ago.

“Dont just think that Im young.

I am very capable,” Xie Jiling said very seriously.

But saying this with a cute baby doll face could really not give people much confidence.


Lu Man had already accompanied Han Zhuoli for more than fifty years over here.

Although Han Zhuoli could not see her the entire time, she still stayed by his side.

She watched him remain single all this while.

Just because he did not meet the person in his heart, he refused to get married the entire time.

He refused to compromise.

Now, Han Zhuoli was 95 years old.

He lay on the bed, already a frail old man.

Wrinkles crept all over his face.

He was no longer as strong and built as before and was just a thin and weak old man.

Lu Man sat beside the bed and stayed by his side.

His aged face, in Lu Mans eyes, could still be reconciled with how he looked like in his younger heydays.

Han Zhuoli did not have any illnesses.

It was just because he was old that various functions of his body had deteriorated and weakened.

But he had never suffered from illness.

This was a point that made Lu Man feel very comforted.

She could not stand seeing how Han Zhuoli would look like, suffering and in so much pain from the burdens of illness while she stood at the side, unable to do anything about it.

She could not even comfort him and be his companion.

Han Zhuoli was still asleep, but Lu Man did not feel sleepy.

As Han Zhuoli grew older and older, Lu Man knew that the time she could spend staying together with Han Zhuoli was also becoming less and less.

She did not know how much time Han Zhuoli had left.

She did not know how long more she could accompany him for.

She certainly did not know, if Han Zhuoli passed away, what would happen to her then

Where else could she go

It had been more than 50 years.

She had not been able to return, and she might not be able to return from now on too.

She could still watch over Han Zhuoli here and now.

But what about the Han Zhuoli in her next life

What should he do while watching over the unconscious her

Or… did she already die, actually

Without her, how miserable he would feel.

And who else would be able to stay by his side

At least over here, he still had her soul watching over him.

But over there, who could watch over him

Day by day, Lu Man had been tormented by this thought, feeling utterly miserable.

Lu Man slowly reached out, her palm and fingertips touching his face.

Suddenly, Lu Man noticed that something was amiss!

She had never been able to touch him all this time, nor anyone else.

Every time she wanted to touch him, her hand would always pass through his body.

Her body was an imaginary presence.

Every time, she could only put her hands at a slight distance away from his face, pretending that she could touch him, as if she was cupping his face.

But now, her hand actually solidly touched him, and it was leaning right on his face.

Her palm and fingertips could also feel the texture of his skin and feel the deep wrinkle lines running across his face.

Lu Man stared at her own hand in surprise.

How could she… how could she touch him

Just as she was feeling surprised, Han Zhuoli suddenly opened his eyes.

The two of them stared right into each others eyes.

“Its you.” Han Zhuoli struggled to speak, his voice hoarse and not very clear.

Lu Man asked in surprise, “You can see me”

“It has been so many years.

I have been waiting for you all along,” Han Zhuoli slowly said, tears rolling down his eyes.

“Where did you go Why did you come only now”

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