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Chapter 2452: Will Definitely Be Together

“I have been waiting for you all along, but I am already old now.” Han Zhuoli was struggling very hard to speak, exhaling a lot but inhaling much less.

“But you, youre still so young.”

At this moment, Lu Man was finally convinced that the person he had been waiting for his whole life was her.

Lu Man also had a feeling that Han Zhuolis life seemed to have reached its end.

That was why he could see her.

That was why she could feel him.

“Thats because… because I died long ago.” Lu Mans tears streamed down.

“When you were 38 years old, Id already died.”

“No wonder, no wonder…” Han Zhuoli muttered.

Having lived until such an old age, he had said and done many things in this life.

There were many he could no longer remember.

But he remembered the words he had said to his good buddies during that year when he was 38 years old.

Perhaps he could no longer wait for her anymore.

Perhaps he could still wait for her to appear.

So at that time, his feeling was right.

She had already died, so even though he had waited a lifetime for her, he did not manage to see her.

Yet at the last moment of this life, he still managed to meet her in the end.

He had still managed to wait until she came.

Lu Man held his hand and said, “But all these years, I have always been by your side, watching you, accompanying you.

I was always here.”

Han Zhuoli smiled in surprise.

“You… you were always here”

“Yes, I was always here,” Lu Man said.

“All these years, I have been staying by your side.”

“No wonder, no wonder…” Han Zhuoli said.

“Sometimes, I can feel that there seems to be someone beside me.

But that feeling was so fleeting, so I thought I was imagining things.”

Lu Man smiled and said, “That was me.

Sometimes, you would be staring right at me.

There were quite a few times when I thought you could see me.”

Han Zhuolis breaths started getting shorter and more rapid.

Lu Man felt so scared that her face turned pale.

After a few seconds, Han Zhuoli forcefully suppressed it and tried to even out his breathing as much as possible.

He knew that his time was up.

He could accept aging and death calmly.

Especially when he was already 95 years old.

At this age, he could long since face death calmly.

But it was different now.

He finally saw the lady he had waited a lifetime for.

At this very last moment of his life, he could not bear to leave.

There was so little time left for him, it was not enough at all.

Han Zhuolis breathing started becoming rapid again.

He knew that he really had no more time left.

No matter how much he could not bear to, he could not prevent his life from coming to an end.

The Heavens really knew how to play a joke on him.

It was only as he was dying that he then saw the love of his life.

He was not even able to interact with her properly.

Han Zhuoli asked urgently, “What… What is your… name”

“Lu Man.” Tears streamed down Lu Mans face as she said, “I am called Lu Man.”

“Lu Man…” Han Zhuoli struggled hard to call out.

It was evident from his voice that it was becoming more and more difficult for him to speak.

“Lu Man, Man Man…” Han Zhuoli called out.

The floodgates to Lu Mans tears crashed in an instant.

Be it in this life or in the next, Han Zhuoli still called her in that way.

He had always called her like this.

“Zhuoli…” Lu Man cried as she called his name.

“In this life, I cant make it anymore.” Han Zhuoli could not help heaving rapidly as he struggled to say, “In my next life, we will be together.

Man Man, in our next life, I will definitely find you.

I wont wait anymore.

I will go and find you.

We… will definitely be together.”

Lu Man nodded fervently.

He had done it.

He had already fulfilled his promise.

They indeed got together in their next life.

They were so blissful.

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