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Chapter 2454: Unfinished Matters

Finally, he felt secure again.

“Youre finally back,” Han Zhuoli said.

Lu Man stared at Han Zhuoli in disbelief.

She had accompanied him for 57 years in her past life, but now, he still looked the same.

As if time never passed.

Lu Man thought she was dreaming.

She looked at Han Zhuoli, then looked at her surroundings.

This was… a hospital ward

She only then noticed that she was wearing a patient gown.

“I… What happened to me” Lu Man asked.

“You dont remember” Han Zhuoli got a scare.

“I just dont know how I ended up in the hospital.

I only remember I was giving a speech on the school stage.

After that, that row of lights just fell,” Lu Man recalled.

“After that, you fell unconscious.

You were sent to the hospital.

Your injury was clearly not serious, but you just didnt wake up.

Its already the ninth day now,” Han Zhuoli explained.

“We found doctors from Chu Tian Hospital, as well as various renowned neurosurgeons from all over the world, but they just couldnt find the cause of your coma.

“I thought of how you got revived, so I asked Wen Ren to send this…” Han Zhuoli said, “Miss Xie.”

As Xie Jiling had already spoken of Lu Mans matter previously, Wei Wucai just listened at the side.

As such, Han Zhuoli did not hide it from him.

He was with the Wen Family, after all, and the Wen Family had been in contact with the Xie Family all along.

So for this matter, Wei Wucais acceptance level was quite high.

“Shes the one who brought you back,” Han Zhuoli explained.

“Hello, Older Sister, I am Xie Jiling.

I am the one who called you back.

If I had not, you would have been lost, wandering for an eternity.” Xie Jiling smiled and said, “You wouldnt have been able to enter the wheel of life and reincarnate.

And because your soul was not whole when you left, you wont have been able to wander around for too long and could only have disappeared in the end.”

These words scared Han Zhuoli stiff.

“Then what happens from now on”

“Dont worry.

Previously, its because her soul was unstable and she had unfinished business in the other world.

Now that its all resolved, her soul has returned and has already stabilized.

Nothing will happen again,” Xie Jiling explained.

Unfinished business…

Lu Mans heart moved.

Could it be that this was all to let her go back and see Han Zhuoli

Was it so she could go back to her previous life to accompany him for the second half of his life, until the end, when the two of them finally met

So that in this life, the two of them could meet so coincidentally and could get together so smoothly

“Alright, I think you both have many things to say to each other, so we wont disturb you both anymore,” Wei Wucai said as he gave a small smile.

When Lu Man woke up, Wei Wucai could feel that Han Zhuoli had completely relaxed.

Even the atmosphere in the hospital ward became better.

Lu Man finally managed to wake up after being in a coma for nine days.

Han Zhuoli definitely had endless things to say to Lu Man.

Han Zhuoli looked at them gratefully and said, “Thank you so much.

After Man Man is discharged, I will take her to visit Mount Lan Compound and thank Wen Ren.”

Wei Wucai agreed.

Han Zhuoli then said to Xie Jiling, “Im sorry, I even doubted you previously.”

“Its fine, thats normal.” Xie Jiling did not mind at all.

After all, people who had never met with such things would think it was ridiculous and would not believe it.

The young lady smiled until her eyes curved into crescents, looking very innocent and frank.

“You are the one who brought me back.

Thank you,” Lu Man said.

“Older Sister, you dont need to be so polite with me.

If you feel uncomfortable anywhere next time, or if you think something is wrong, you can always come and look for me,” Xie Jiling said.

“But Im just saying this to assure you both.

I can promise that absolutely nothing will happen from here on out.”

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