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Even if there was a slight difference, her efficiency was a lot higher than that of an ordinary person.

As a professional actor, their performances were professional, but most of the actors only had a background in dance, so the most they could do was kick a bit higher, yet they were not like Lu Man, all her punches were on point and every move of hers was impressive.

Not only were her actions perfect, but they were also full of vigor such that even though a screen, one could feel the strength behind them.

“Good!” Sun Yiwu clapped his hands in satisfaction.

He then told the assistant next to him, “Give Lu Man the script to take a look.”

The assistant hurriedly took out the script and passed it to Sun Yiwu.

After turning a few pages, Sun Yiwu found the lines belonging to the third female lead as they were already circled out.

Usually, the third female lead did not have a lot of lines.

After all, the movie was only less than two hours, after taking out the male leads and the second male leads parts, there was not much left, so being able to have a line was already considered quite good.

No wonder Sun Yiwu dared to find her.

Despite the focus being on the male leads in his movie, the third female lead was also very outstanding.

After Lu Man taking a look at it and figuring out the context before and after the scene, she asked, “Director Sun, what personality does this third female lead have”

At that moment, Sun Yiwu had a face full of praise and admiration.

Lu Man was not even a performing arts student and had never done any sort of performance before, yet she thought of this aspect first; she was already very diligent.

“The third female lead had been training from young in a closed-off environment, and is considered the kind with quite little human feelings and looks a bit cold, shes a bit introverted in terms of feelings.

You see that both the male lead and the second male lead said that shes as cold as a robot and they do not know whether emotions even exist in her heart.

The second male lead even said that he did not know if there would be a day where she would be more like a human.

Actually, she is quite pitiful, she did not lead a normal life since young, and hence she doesnt have many human emotions.

When she started to interact with these people, she started learning new things slowly through their interactions and as for the different kinds of emotions that emerge in the process, she would be hesitant, sometimes panic, at first she will be at a loss, and later on, she will learn to accept, to master them, such is her character development,” Sun Yiwu explained to Lu Man.

“Hence, the part where the second male lead dies tests the acting skills of the third female lead the most.

You need to act out the sudden outburst of emotions that she had pent up inside her for more than ten years,” Sun Yiwu pointed at one of the paragraphs.

“Now, try to act out this scene.

The ending is a bit difficult, so lets not be too anxious first, while shooting, we can slowly train you and Ill tell you about it slowly, this paragraph is when the third female lead first appears, so she is not very familiar with a lot of emotions.

Come Xiao Mi, act opposite Lu Man.”

Lu Man took time to familiarize herself with the lines.

In her past life, this movie had actually been aired in the prison and under the organization of the prison, they had watched the show together.

Since it was an anti-terrorism police and bandits film, it was very patriotic.

Furthermore, seeing the patriotism in the movie many people who came to the cinema ended up crying as the left.

In her previous life, Lu Man didnt get to be the third female lead although the was original actress had been injured and had to be replaced by someone else.

That was because in her past life, while they have been scouting for a replacement actress, she was in prison.

In this lifetime, if she had not appeared then probably Sun Yiwu would have still found that actress.

It is just that the actress did not gain much fame even after the film was aired because the male characters were just too outstanding, overshadowing the third female lead completely.

But since it was a rare chance to watch a movie in her eight years in prison, it left a deep impression.

She still remembered the third female leads performance, now that Lu Man recalled it, she felt that the actress acting was a bit stiff.

Thus, she followed her own thoughts and tried acting opposite Mi Qiansong.


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