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Chapter 2461: Start Preparing for the Wedding

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“Right.” The moment she got reminded by Lu Man, Old Mrs.

Han also reacted.

“Zhuoli, ever since Lu Man fell unconscious, you havent had a proper rest.

Go and rest for a while next door.”

Lu Mans ward was a suite room, which was no less inferior to a hotel suite.

If Han Zhuoli went next door to sleep, they would not disturb him while they were chatting.

“I dont want to.” Han Zhuoli did not stand on courtesy in front of the elders at all.

He flipped over and got on the bed again, hugging Lu Mans waist and lying down.

Lu Man was sitting up, but Han Zhuoli was lying down.

He hugged Lu Man like he was hugging a pillow.

“Man Man finally managed to wake up, I dont want to leave her,” Han Zhuoli said.

“I am just going to sleep here.”


“Tsk tsk tsk.” Old Mrs.

Han tsked at him.

“Look at how clingy you are.

Since Man Man woke up, you two will have so much more time to be clingy together.

Cant you bear to be apart from her for even a moment”

“I just cant leave.” Han Zhuoli even bumped his forehead against Lu Mans waist and said, “I will just sleep here.”

In front of the elders, Lu Mans face blushed a little from his nudges.

The elders did not understand, but she understood very well why Han Zhuoli was being like this.

So even though she was blushing furiously, she did not urge Han Zhuoli to leave along with them.

“We still want to chat.

This will disrupt your sleep.

Can you even fall asleep If you sleep here, we wont feel good about chatting anymore,” Shen Nuo said jokingly.

She did not think there was anything bad about Han Zhuoli being so clingy with Lu Man.

After all, they had all been worried that Lu Man would not be able to wake up previously.

Now that Lu Man finally woke up, were they not allowed to be clingy with each other

To be honest, Shen Nuo actually felt that they should leave now and give space to the couple.

Yet Old Mrs.

Han did not want to leave, so it was not appropriate for her to say anything.

“I can,” Han Zhuoli said, already closing his eyes.

When Old Mrs.

Han saw that, she no longer bothered with him.

Anyway, if he could not sleep, he could just listen to them chat as well.

They would not stay here for too long anyway.

They would just chat for a while more before leaving.

They would not really be so low EQ as to disturb Han Zhuoli and Lu Mans interaction here.

“After this incident, the sayingtomorrow or an accident, I wonder which will come first really rings true.” Old Mrs.

Han sighed and said, “Man Man overcame one mishap this time.

To Zhuoli, and to Man Man, this was a test.

“So, I think we should quickly hold the wedding,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

On the way here, she had already been thinking that luckily, this time, Lu Man had managed to wake up in the end.

If Lu Man really did not wake up at all…

The couple would actually not have even managed to hold a wedding together.

How regretful would that have been

So, as humans, we have to seize the day and do what we have to do.

Do not think that there will still be time, that youll still have a long life ahead and push back what you need to do today to tomorrow, from tomorrow to the day after.

Who knows when an accident can happen, leaving regrets

These words, Old Mrs.

Han did not say right now.

Saying them would be bad luck.

But this was the whole point.

Han Zhuoli was closing his eyes to rest at this moment.

When he heard them talk, he really could not fall asleep.

And now that Lu Man had woken up, with him hugging Lu Man, he could not bear to fall asleep either.

Hence, when he heard Old Mrs.

Hans words at this moment, he opened his eyes immediately.

“Grandma is right,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Lets start preparing for our wedding immediately.”

“We planned to hold the wedding this month.

Sheng Yue has already prepared the banquet hall,” Shen Nuo said.

“Weve also created the invitation cards and made a list of the guests we are going to invite.”

“The wedding dress is also prepared,” Han Zhuoli said..

“My suit has been prepared too.”

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