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Chapter 2462: You Can Just Sleep

“Then thats great.

Everything is prepared.

Once we go back, we can write the invitation cards and send them out.” Old Mrs.

Han slapped her thigh as she said that.

Once the wedding was over, they would be able to focus on working hard for a baby.

But Old Mrs.

Han did not say this out loud.

Lest it made the couple feel pressured.

“Alright, the matters set.

Lets go now.

You two can have a good time being intimate,” Old Mrs.

Han said very bluntly.

Lu Man blushed even redder from Old Mrs.

Hans words.

Old Mrs.

Han laughed and said, “You dont need to feel embarrassed.

Look at Zhuoli, he keeps using his stare to scold us.”

Lu Man was still blushing as she secretly poked Han Zhuoli, and she did not dare to let the elders see it.

But who would not know about their minor interactions

Everyone just pretended that they did not see it.

So everyone left again.

Even Xia Qingwei left.

Anyway, since Lu Man had woken up, she did not need to worry anymore and naturally would not fight with Han Zhuoli for time with her.

Finally, the hospital ward was left with only Han Zhuoli and Lu Man once again.

“Does this mean I can be discharged from the hospital now” Lu Man asked.

“Oh, right.” Han Zhuoli recalled something and said, “I have to let the doctors come over and do some tests on you one more time.

When you woke up just now, I was too happy, I actually forgot about such an important thing.”

Han Zhuoli quickly called the doctors over.

The doctors did some checks on Lu Man and made sure she was fine and that her original wound was also recovering very well.

She would stay in the hospital for one more day to see if her situation was stable.

If there were no problems, she could be discharged the next day.

They received an affirmative answer from the doctors that Lu Man was indeed fine.

When the doctors all left…

Han Zhuoli then pulled Lu Man to lie down with him.

His fingers gently and slowly caressed her face repeatedly, his fingertips tucking her hair behind her ears.

He also tucked the hair plastered to the sides of her neck to the back, revealing her long, slender neck.

Lu Mans neck was long.

She had the typical swan-like neck, making her face appear small.

It made her look good in clothes and her figure appear graceful and slender.

Han Zhuoli placed his palm on the side of her neck, his thumb caressing her earlobe and jawline.

At such a close distance, Lu Man could see the bloodshot capillaries in his eyes more clearly as well.

“Quick, go and sleep,” Lu Man said.

“I am awake now, nothing will happen to me again.

You can sleep in peace.”

“Together,” Han Zhuoli said.

Actually, Lu Man could not fall asleep.

After all, she had been unconscious for so long.

But she still nodded and said, “Okay.”

She closed her eyes.

Han Zhuoli planted a kiss on her forehead, and then closed his eyes.

But he still did not feel very assured deep down.

So he could not fall into a deep sleep.

He would open his eyes after sleeping for a while to check if Lu Man was fine.

As Lu Man was not sleepy at all, the moment Han Zhuoli woke up, she would know immediately.

She opened her eyes and saw him heave a sigh of relief.

Lu Man then knew what he was worried about.

She leaned over and planted a kiss on Han Zhuolis lips.

“Im fine, Im doing very well.”

Han Zhuoli heaved a sigh of relief and chuckled softly before closing his eyes again.

But after sleeping for a short while, he woke up again.

This happened repeatedly for quite a few times.

Lu Man did not find it annoying or tiring.

But she was worried that Han Zhuoli would not be able to get a proper rest at all like this.

So when Han Zhuoli opened his eyes again, Lu Man just tilted her chin up and protested, saying, “You keep being like this, making me unable to sleep well too.”

“You can just sleep, I just want to take a look at you,” Han Zhuoli said.

“But I cant help it.

Every time you wake up, I just wake up on my own because I always think about whether youre awake again, so I dont dare to fall into a deep sleep either,” Lu Man said.

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