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Chapter 2470: So Full of Herself

As a matter of fact, Lu Qi could not even gain anything from this marriage.

She could only look at Lu Man taking everything shed once had as well as everything she did not have but wanted.

Lu Qi was so jealous that she felt that her eyes were about to pop out.

After the class ended, as Lu Man was about to leave, Lu Qi chased her.

Zheng Yuan and the other two were also there.

Thinking that they were in the way of the conversation, Lu Qi pursed her lips impatiently and said, “I need to talk to Lu Man.

Please excuse us.”

Zheng Yuan and the other two ignored her.

Lu Qi was the type to dig her own grave.

There were currently many gossip accounts that created a ranking of celebrities who had dug their own grave in the entertainment world; Lu Qi was included in every list.

If Lu Qi was not on the ranking list, then that ranking was not qualified as a good one.

There was once a list that did not include Lu Qi.

Many fans commented, “Lu Qi is not on the list.

Low Rating.”

“A ranking list without Lu Qi is unreliable.”

“How much money did Lu Qi pay you that you removed her from the ranking list”

At first, it was only a small matter, but then, it became trending.

This ranking list even became one of the most searched terms.

The celebrities who were on the list were all furious.

It started trending because of Lu Qi.

In the end, the celebrities on the ranking list were humiliated as well.

This list was not a good one.

No one wanted to be on this list.

If it was just a joke that only a few people knew, then it was fine.

However, since it was trending, it became a big deal.

And so, these celebrities refused to take such humiliation.

The gossip account had no choice but to delete the ranking list and apologize that the list was just a joke.

It had to publicly announce that the ranking list had no reliability.

But Lu Qi was still being ridiculed for driving her own career to death.

Now, Lu Qi was putting on a strong front, but Zheng Yuan and the other two did not think highly of her at all.

They ignored Lu Qi and just patiently waited for Lu Mans decision.

Lu Man smiled at them, indicating that leaving was not necessary.

“You can say whatever you have in mind.”

She could guess what Lu Qi was about to say.

If Lu Qi didnt care about embarrassing herself, she could just say it.

“Sister, when we sisters are talking, we should excuse the outsiders,” Lu Qi said.

Lu Man smiled.

“They are my friends, not outsiders.

Instead of them, youre the outsider.”

Lu Qis expression turned cold.

“Sister, you didnt have to say that.

We are sisters, related by blood.

You cant change that fact.”

“If you want to say something, just say.

If not, then its fine,” Lu Man snapped as she continued walking.

Lu Qi hurried to her side.


Lu Qi saw that Zheng Yuan and the other two were still shamelessly following Lu Man, unwilling to leave.

Perhaps they intentionally stayed to watch her embarrass herself.

As for Lu Man, she showed that she did not care about sisterhood.

She even allowed others to laugh at her.

Lu Qi took a deep breath and said, “Sister, you gave so many people your wedding invitation cards.

You even gave it to the students from another school whom you met through the competition! But you didnt even give me one.

I dont think thats appropriate!

“I am your younger sister.

If reporters find out that I would not be attending your wedding, it would not be good for you or me.

Of course, it would be worse for you.

After all, I know what my reputation is like now.

It cant get any worse for me.

“But youre different.

Your reputation will be greatly affected.

People will say that you dont care about your relationship with your sibling.

They will also say that Lu Man, who had gained good status, marriage, and career, has become so full of herself that she doesnt even recognize her own sister.”

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