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Chapter 2473: A Wise Person Behaving Like a Fool

“Whats there to be afraid of” Pan Xue pointed at herself.

“We cant beat her up, right Even though I really want to beat her up.”

Zheng Yuan laughed as she explained, “She probably thought that whatever thought she had couldnt escape Lu Mans eyes.

She felt scared, so she didnt dare to stay any longer.”

Pan Xue said mockingly, “Thats just her being stupid.”

Han Leilei laughed.

“Pfft, youre calling people stupid while you have a one-track mind”

“Its fine if I have a one-track mind, as long as I dont dig my own grave.

Dont I have you guys” Pan Xue laughed thoughtlessly.

“Sure, sure, sure,” said Zheng Yuan, laughing.

“Why do I get the feeling that youre a wise person behaving like a fool”

“Thats who I am,” said Pan Xue proudly.

“Man Man, asking Lu Qi to find Lu Qiyuan is like giving her a tip,” said Han Leilei.

“Even though Lu Qiyuan is not doing so well now, if those two made up, they may plan something to trouble you.

Even if youre not scared, it will be annoying.”

“Shes right,” said Zheng Yuan.

“Why did you tell that to Lu Qi”


Lu Qi wont be able to do anything,” Lu Man said as she laughed

That was because Lu Qiyuan still had Jiang Yujie by his side.

Jiang Yujie would never let Lu Qis wish come true.

Coincidentally, this could let Lu Qi understand how it felt like to be plotted against by her stepmother and abandoned by her own father.

Jiang Yujie was still Lu Qiyuans assistant.

Her position did not change because of her relationship with Lu Qiyuan.

Even in the office, she acted professionally and did not do anything that troubled Lu Qiyuan.

But because Xia Qingyang came to the office and caused a big fuss, the whole office knew about Jiang Yujie and Lu Qiyuan.

However, Xia Qingyang had been put in jail, and Lu Qiyuan had divorced her.

Although Lu Qiyuan had not married Jiang Yujie, the whole office knew that they shared an especially good relationship.

Even if an employee of the company looked down on Jiang Yujie, they wouldnt dare to say anything out loud.

Not only would they not dare to say anything, but they would even try to please Jiang Yujie.

Other than that, in recent years, those who could become the final winner had tricks up their sleeves; there were many people who admired her and were jealous of her.

After some time, there was nobody who looked at Jiang Yujie weirdly.

Lu Qiyuan even thought that Jiang Yujie was clever and professional.

She would never talk about their private matters during work.

It was still like before they had gotten together.

Besides, as her experience grew, Jiang Yujie was getting better at her job and was becoming more capable; she could do anything properly.

Lu Qiyuan also trusted her more and more and started to let Jiang Yujie handle the more important work.

Lu Qiyuan had yet to allow her to handle tradings that could not be revealed to the public.

However, she was allowed to handle work related to those tradings.

After all, Lu Qiyuan thought that Jiang Yujie would not be able to find out about the secret tradings even if she were to handle work related to them.

Jiang Yujie could then find evidence from these projects and use the evidence to track the origin of the projects.

Furthermore, Lu Qiyuan had no one he could trust.

The one that was closest to him now was Jiang Yujie.

Jiang Yujie was trying her best to win Lu Qiyuans trust.

Something that made Lu Qiyuan like her even more was the fact that Jiang Yujie said she was not in a hurry to get married.

It was hard for Lu Qiyuan to remarry right now because he had just divorced Xia Qingyang.

When Xia Qingyang had just been placed in jail, Lu Qiyuan had wanted a divorce immediately and was then heavily criticized by the public

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