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Moreover, if she had not asked, did this man never plan to tell her his thoughts

He did not intend to ever let her know that he had given so much for her!

“Ive never regretted it!” Lu Man stared deeply into his eyes, “Every second that I spend with you, I fall for you even more.

Choosing to be with you back then was the best decision Ive made this life.

Im very thankful that I took that step forward and did not miss out on you.

Otherwise, I would have regretted it for my entire life.”

“Me too.

Im extremely happy that you are putting in so much effort to protect our relationship and to protect me.” Han Zhuoli smiled gently.

He was a man, so it was alright for him to protect his woman.

However, to be able to be protected by his own woman, it was surprising and exceptionally touching.

Han Zhuoli warm, thin lips trailed kisses from her palm to the inner side of her wrist.

After not long, those lips met the collar of her blouse.

Sadly, Han Zhuoli could only give up.

Raising his head, he saw Lu Mans pink cheeks, that looked like snow white flower having a tinge of pink on its petals.

It was extremely beautiful and endearing.

He swallowed hard.

This girl was looking more and more delicious.

Han Zhuoli immediately closed the gap.

His warm, thin lips left a mark on her flushing hot cheek.

Han Zhuolis lips clearly felt the heat emanating from her cheeks as it seared his own lips too, making him shiver involuntarily.

But waves of flowery scent bloomed from her cheek, cooling Han Zhuolis lips.

Her cheek was extremely delicate and as he pressed his soft lips against her skin it felt like he was pressing his lips on silk or milk and not even a slight flaw could be found.

The feel of her skin under his lips was just amazing.

Lu Mans cheek was ablaze as if on fire.

In Han Zhuolis embrace, Lu Man trembled slightly.

But Han Zhuoli tightened his arms and embraced her even harder.

Then he sucked hard on her cheek and delicately trailed a path to the corner of lips.

Slowly, he followed the curve of her lips, his lips drawing the shape of her lips.

Lu Man was born with lips that would naturally curl into a smile.

Even when she wasnt smiling, there would be a trace of a smile.

It looked remarkably sweet and alluring.

Feeling that her cheeks would explode soon, Lu Mans hands gripped tightly his shirt collar, “Han Zhuoli…”

Seizing this opportunity, Han Zhuoli immediately slipped his tongue into her mouth.

As he spoke in between his intense kisses, his voice sounded muffled.

“You didnt call me that just now.”

As Lu Mans was completely wrapped up in his arms, making her look extremely delicate and dainty.

His arms were as strong as steel.

Currently, Lu Man was in a daze, her mind blank.

Even upon hearing Han Zhuolis question, she was still in a daze and her thoughts muddle, unable to think clearly.

At that moment, Han Zhuoli kissed her fiercely, “Just now, when you were talking to Sun Yiwu, what did you call me”

What did she call him

Lu Man thought for a long time, her mind foggy.

Her brain was working more than a hundred times slower than usual.

“Han… Big Brother Han” Lu Man slurred slowly.

“Good.” Han Zhuoli was finally satisfied.

“Call me that one more time.”

He liked hearing Lu Man call him that.

It was better than calling him Zhuoli.

After all, this girl was young and there was an eight-year age gap between them so there was nothing wrong calling him that.

It was just that she was just too independent and could solve and deal with any matter on her own.

From being framed by scheming people to getting harmed, she could solve them all perfectly, and bite back even harder.

A girl like her who had such tricks and amazing talent always made it easy for others to somehow forget her age.

Yet, precisely so, Han Zhuoli liked her tenderly calling him “Big Brother” Han even more.

A girl who was so crafty towards others, making all her enemies itch with hatred was so demure like a little sheep in front him, tenderly and softly calling him “Big Brother Han”.


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