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Chapter 2495: A Mans Fitness Is Very Important

Wei Zhiqian was enraged.

“What the f*ck, Han Zhuoling! Control your younger brother! You punk, have you even reached puberty You dare say I dont cut it!”

Han Zhuoling gave him a plain look and said, “Why are you bullying my younger brother Didnt you say it yourself, that you dont”

Wei Zhiqian was exasperated.

“I mean that my fitness isnt as good as Xiao Cais, not that I dont make the cut.”

“A mans fitness is very important,” Han Zhuoling said with a very straight face.

“You dont need to last until dawn, but you cant be weaker than others.”

Wei Zhiqian felt really aggrieved.

He felt that this label of him not being able to last would never be removed from him.

He was really bad at talking just then.

Of all the things he could have said, he had to say that his fitness could not make the cut.

And let these bunch of people latch onto that phrase and use it to smear him.

Even that usually serious Han Zhuoling didnt let him off!

On this joyous occasion, why did he feel so pathetic!

Wei Zhiqian finally realized that his one mouth would never be able to rival the other four mouths there, so he could only say weakly, “Fellow brothers, fellow brothers, this joke, we can just say it among ourselves in private.

Please dont spread it around.

If word goes out, the misunderstanding will be too great.

How am I supposed to face other people next time”

Wei Zhiqian felt really aggrieved.

The Old Madam at home already kept urging him to get married all the time.

His familys Old Madams thinking had even been so far ahead and avant-garde that she even asked him previously if he liked men.

Wei Zhiqian had lost control of his expression at that time.

He finally managed to explain things properly to Old Madam that he indeed liked women and had no interest in men at all.

Who knew if Old Madam believed him or not

If word that he couldnt last long or whatever goes out next, who knew what kind of thoughts Old Madam would have again

Wei Zhiqian felt tired just thinking about it.

“Okay, okay, okay, I wont spread the word that you dont have stamina.” Zhao Gushen nodded, as if he was such a good brother, even lowering his voice while speaking.

Wei Zhiqian: “…”

This joke was never going away, was it!

Wei Zhiqian did not want to bother with them anymore.

Anyway, they would just make fun of him, but they really would not spread it around.

Wei Zhiqian went to tell Shi Xiaoya and the others.

Zheng Yuan and the two girls all promised that they definitely would not spread those words out.

Shi Xiaoya could not help but laugh and say, “We all know you didnt mean it that way and that theyre just making fun of you.

But you treat it so seriously and even came to remind us not to say it to others at all, as if…”

Shi Xiaoya gave Wei Zhiqian a cheeky smile and continued, “As if its really true.”

Wei Zhiqian: “…”

“Its fake! Its definitely fake!” Wei Zhiqian said, gritting his teeth.

Shi Xiaoya was a little kinder, not like Han Zhuoling and the others who insisted on pissing Wei Zhiqian off deliberately.

“Okay, okay, I get it.

We definitely wont spread word about this outside.”

“You girls dont believe it too!” Wei Zhiqian felt that there would be no end to this matter anymore.

“I wont believe it,” Shi Xiaoya promised.

Zheng Yuan and the two girls promised as well.

But their promises just sounded amiss to Wei Zhiqian, who felt that they were really starting to believe it.

“Zhiqian, stop making a fuss,” Zhao Gushen said.

“Quick, come and watch Xiao Cai do frog jumps.

You might not have a chance to see this scene of him carrying a lady to do frog jumps after today.”

When Wei Zhiqian heard that, he put this matter aside for the moment.

People who could come and be Lu Mans bridesmaids should be people who were quite close to Lu Man.

He knew Yan Zhiqing and Shi Xiaoya.

They were not loose-lipped people.

Although he did not know Zheng Yuan and the two girls, the three of them had never revealed anything about Lu Man, so Wei Zhiqian knew that those three girls were not loose-lipped people either.

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