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Chapter 2513: Continue Playing Dumb with Me

She was so dedicated to her work.

Even if Old Mrs.

Yans heart ached for her, she could not persuade her to learn from those unprofessional people.

Since she chose this profession and earned many times more, even more than tenfold the remuneration that normal people earned, of course there would be times when she had to put in just as much effort more than that of normal people, which she naturally could not reject.

Old Mrs.

Yan would not tell her to resort to cheap tricks just to shirk her responsibilities on the job.

The family teachings of the Yan Family would not allow that either.

So even if her heart ached badly for her, she still could not persuade her against it.

She could only get the doctor to come and do checkups on Yan Zhiqing and the dietitian to treat her every time she came back after filming.

What she had to take note of normally, what she could not eat or do, she would have to avoid all of them.

But Yan Zhiqings personality was very loud and bubbly, and she was a quick-tempered person too, so how could she be bothered to keep check of those things

And because she was young and had no illnesses or injuries, she had had few concerns.

Every time Old Mrs.

Yan saw that, she would feel very troubled.

Who knew how many times she had nagged by her ear already

But Yan Zhiqing did not find it annoying and just agreed happily with a smile.

She did not take her words lightly either and would really persevere with it for a few days after agreeing.

But she only persevered for a few days.

After a few days, shed just let loose.

Old Mrs.

Yan did not know what to do with her.

She could only try her best to watch her from the side.

“How many days can you rest this time” Old Mrs.

Yan asked.

“I can rest for about two months.

I just need to attend some brand sponsorship events and shoot some advertisements.

They are all ad-hoc activities that will end within one or two days.” Compared to acting, these jobs were like resting to Yan Zhiqing.

“Thats good.

Take this time to rest well at home,” Old Mrs.

Yan said.

“Right, you went to attend the wedding today.

There were quite a few decent young men at the wedding too.

Did you see anyone whom you think is pretty good”

Yan Zhiqing could tell at once what Old Mrs.

Yan was getting at.

She laughed awkwardly and played dumb as she replied, “Those who could be invited by the Han Family to attend the wedding will definitely be pretty good people.

They are all pretty good.”

How could Old Mrs.

Yan let her muddle over just like that “Continue playing dumb with me, then.

Is that what I meant I am asking if you saw anyone you liked and could develop things further with.”

“Grandma, Im still young,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“How are you young Lu Man is around your age, and look, shes already married.

Shi Xiaoya is also around your age.

She already got engaged and is also preparing for her wedding.

How are you young” Old Mrs.

Yan said.

Yan Zhiqing was just about to say that she was still a baby but Old Mrs.

Yan stopped her and said, “Stop.

Dont say that youre still a baby.

How could there be babies as old as you You dont even feel embarrassed when you say that.”

Yan Zhiqing: “…”

“Grandma, this isnt something I can decide on my own.

Doesnt this have to be something that can happen only when both parties are willing”

When Old Mrs.

Yan heard, her eyes lit up immediately.

“Why Do you have someone you like”

Yan Zhiqing got a shock and quickly waved her hands and explained, “No, no.

Im just saying, but you make it sound as if I took a liking to someone, as if other people will just like me too.

Thats why I said that, not because I took a liking to someone.”

Old Mrs.

Yan sighed in disappointment.

“You really dont have anyone whom you have good feelings for”

“Aye, I didnt really talk much to anyone at the wedding, I was busy being a bridesmaid.

Grandma, I am still young, just leave this to fate.”

Speaking of being a bridesmaid actually reminded Old Mrs.

Yan of something.

Old Mrs.

Yan continued to ask with a bit of hope in her heart, “You and the other bridesmaids sat together with the groomsmen, and they were all pretty good young lads from a few families.

What did you think of them”

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