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Chapter 2520: Cook Personally

As Han Zhuoli was speaking, his fingers went to her shoulders.

“Does it hurt here”

“It hurts so much.” He did it so fiercely last night that she felt like she was going to fall.

Her arms hung and stretched.

It felt so tight that even her shoulders felt sore.

Han Zhuoli massaged her shoulders until her shoulders started to relax.

Lu Man turned around and Han Zhuoli massaged her back.

He was even very accurate with the acupuncture points.

“Accurate positioning, sufficient strength.

I didnt know that youre so good at massage.” Lu Mans whole body relaxed and her face blushed.

“The members of the eight great families had to go to Mount Lan Compound to learn a few skills when they were young,” explained Han Zhuoli.

“Naturally, I also learned about acupuncture points.

Even though I didnt learn about massage professionally, as long as I get the acupuncture points right and control the strength, I wont be too bad.”

After hed been massaging her for a while, Lu Mans stomach growled.

Lu Man was still lying on her stomach.

When her stomach growled, she immediately buried her face into the soft pillow.

In the end, Han Zhuoli still chuckled.

Lu Man showed half of her blushing face.

“I wonder who it is that made my stomach growl.”

“Its my fault.

My fault,” Han Zhuoli said hurriedly.

“You dont have any strength and dont want to get out of bed.

Do you want me to make something for you to eat”

Lu Man nodded her head adorably.

She was overjoyed when she suddenly thought of a question.

“Do you know how to cook”

She had never seen Han Zhuoli make anything in the kitchen.

Usually, there was Auntie He.

She would cook herself sometimes but that had nothing to do with Han Zhuoli.

“Shouldnt be hard.” Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrows.

“I will search for recipes on my phone.

Although its already noon, we have just woken up, so we wouldnt be able to eat food with a strong taste.

Ill make it like breakfast.”

Han Zhuoli gave it a thought.

Breakfast was not hard to make.

“I should be able to do it.”

“Speaking of which, I havent seen you cook something yourself.” Lu Man turned around, full of expectations.

“Dont make it complicated.

Just make something simple.”

Even if she wanted something more complicated, Han Zhuoli would not know how to do it.

However, Han Zhuoli was full of confidence.


Leave it to me.”

So, Han Zhuoli got out of bed, spent five minutes showering, and went out after putting on a tracksuit.

Lu Man wanted to watch, so she video called Han Zhuoli.

The call only went out for two seconds before Han Zhuoli picked up.

On the screen, there was Han Zhuolis smiling face.

The corridor outside could be seen behind him.

“I just left the bedroom and you miss me already” asked Han Zhuoli, smiling.

Lu Man did not deny it.

Wanting to watch him cook was also counted as missing him.

“My whole body hurts.

I dont want to go down, but I want to watch you cook for me.” Lu Man lay down on her side, which was more comfortable.

Han Zhuoli saw through the screen that half of her face was pressed down, like a piglets.

But Han Zhuoli said this in his heart secretly.

He did not dare to say it to Lu Man.

Han Zhuoli did not realize that, unconsciously, he had turned into someone controlled by his wife.

After hearing that Lu Man wanted to watch him cook through a video call, he went to find a phone stand from the study room.

This was used by Lu Man when she live-streamed for her fans.

Now he could use it too.

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