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Chapter 2521: Will I Still Be Able to Eat the Food You Made

Han Zhuoli found a good angle in the kitchen, set up the phone stand, and fixed his phone on the stand.

Then he realized, “This is not right.

If I live stream, then I wont be able to search recipes on my phone.

Wait for a while.”

Han Zhuoli went to take the iPad.

Then, Han Zhuoli took out two eggs.

Immediately after, Han Zhuoli used his tablet to search.

“Why cant I find anything” said Han Zhuoli, frowning.

“This is not useful at all; it cant even find this.”

“What do you plan to make” asked Lu Man curiously.

Was he planning to make something complicated

Even a recipe could not be found.

Han Zhuoli said, “Fried egg.

I am making a sunny-side egg.”

Lu Man finally knew why he could not find anything.

It was not because it was too complicated, it was because it was too simple.

Lu Man laughed.

“You dont need a recipe for this; its very easy.

Pour some olive oil, just a little bit is enough.

After the oil is hot enough, turn it to low heat and crack the egg in.

After the egg white is cooked and while the yolk is still runny, you can take it out.”

Han Zhuolis and her tastes were similar; they both liked runny sunny-side up.

“Isnt it faster if you use high heat” asked Han Zhuoli.


If you use high heat, the side facing downwards will be burned but the egg white might still be raw,” explained Lu Man.

Han Zhuoli nodded, showing that he understood.

Then, following what Lu Man had said, he poured the oil and heated it.

Then, he encountered another obstacle.

“The egg… how do you crack it”

“Knock it against the edge of the pan and let the liquid flow down naturally,” said Lu Man.

Lu Man thought in her heart that Han Zhuoli had really not cooked anything before.

In the end, Han Zhuoli did not control his strength properly.

The first egg was crushed and the egg yolk broke, with the egg liquid stuck on the wall of the pan.

“Softer, softer,” said Lu Man hurriedly.

“Just making a small opening will do.”

As a result, he cracked a small opening on his second egg but when he tried to open it, he used too much power and the egg shell mixed with the egg liquid, breaking the egg yolk again.

Lu Man had no words.


“Will I be able to eat the food you are making by today” asked Lu Man in frustration.

“Yeah, you will.

You definitely will,” said Han Zhuoli as he took out a whole box of eggs from the refrigerator.

Luckily, Han Zhuoli was savvy and succeeded on the third one.

Following what Lu Man had said, he sprinkled some salt and some ground pepper.

Then, he toasted two pieces of bread.

He put the sausages into the air fryer.

For this, Han Zhuoli would not need to control the heat.

Finally, a simple breakfast was completed.

Han Zhuoli hurriedly carried it back.

Lu Man took a small table and placed it on the bed, then ate on the bed with Han Zhuoli.

“Try it.” It was Han Zhuolis first time making breakfast.

It looked alright, but he was not sure about the taste and felt a little nervous.

Lu Man looked at Han Zhuolis hand, which was placed on the small table.

His fingers looked so nice, as if they had never gotten dirty.

These beautiful hands had just made her breakfast.

Although the meal was simple, Lu Man thought that the process of cooking was not easy.

Therefore, no matter what, it would be delicious.

Lu Man tasted the fried egg.

Han Zhuoli knew that she preferred bland food.

Although she loved spicy food, she rarely ate salty food.

And so, he was very careful when he sprinkled the salt, worrying that it might be too salty.

“How is it” Han Zhuoli asked immediately.

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