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Chapter 2524: Too Common

The resources she got afterward were actually all based on Yan Zhiqings own hard work.

Including how she had developed her career by transitioning from television dramas to the silver screen and moving on from the domestic scene to develop her career in the international scene thereafter.

Actually, this had all been achieved through Yan Zhiqings own hard work.

It was just that because she had the Yan Family backing her up, no matter how great her achievements, others would just think that those were all given to her by the Yan Family.

Without the Yan Family, she would be nothing.

For example, when she relied on herself to audition successfully for a certain film, others would think that it was because the Yan Family had invested in it or had pressured the film producers.

And another example would be when she managed to compete successfully to win a brand endorsement, others would think that it was because the Yan Family worked with that brand, so that brand just chose Yan Zhiqing.

But in fact, Yan Zhiqing achieved all these things through her own abilities.

Of course, Yan Zhiqing never felt that this had nothing to do with the Yan Family at all.

At least other people would give the Yan Family face and not dare to do anything to her.

The unspoken rules that many female celebrities face, or the casting couch, etc.

Whether it was being forced or taking the initiative to do it, Yan Zhiqing did not need to worry about these things at all.

Because of the Yan Family, no one dared to harbor designs on her.

She did not need to betray herself just to compete for a particular resource either, or to force herself to do things she did not like to do.

It was precisely because of the Yan Family that Yan Zhiqing could be so at ease and had the power to have the freedom of choice.

If she could rely on her capabilities to compete openly and win it, she would fight for it.

If she did not manage to win it and someone else more capable than her got it, or someone else relied on despicable means to sideline her…

It was fine with her too, because she did not care for the money and fame that came with those things.

She would just need to act well to fulfill her own interests.

Of course, there would indeed be directors who would give preferential consideration to her because of the Yan Family and give roles to her.

Yan Zhiqing did not think this was shameful.

Because this was too common in the industry.

Everyone had their own backers backing them up.

Just that, some people relied on some sacrifices to receive support.

While some people were born with all these support.

Just like herself.

Some people who were really very lucky would be able to become famous overnight or after just one show.

Some people chose to be down-to-earth and work hard, relying on their own efforts to slowly climb up, starting from a minor role.

Some people, on the other hand, were waiting sorely for the hand of fate.

All these different fates, they all depended on ones own choices.

Whereas Lu Xiuse chose to betray herself, relying on gold sponsor daddies to achieve success in her career.

She switched from one gold sponsor to another and did not stop trying to get to know more big bosses.

To Lu Xiuse, this seemed to have become a very proficient practice.

And Lu Xiuse relied on this kind of backing to compete with Yan Zhiqing non-stop.

Shed even deliberately go to ask around about Yan Zhiqings upcoming work plans.

To find out what shows she would be acting in next, what brand endorsements she would be preparing to take on.

Lu Xiuse would then follow closely after to compete with her.

And there was quite a lot that had been snatched away by Lu Xiuse.

It was not because the Yan Family did not support her.

But that Yan Zhiqing did not let the Yan Family interfere in her work affairs.

That title would be enough to awe and intimidate.

But sometimes, the awe-inspiring and intimidating effect of such a title would not be able to rival the cold, hard cash of investments from the gold sponsors backing Lu Xiuse.

Some production crews did want to give the Yan Family face, but they could not resist the impressive funds that Lu Xiuse brought with her.

They were all in this industry, so they all knew very well that as long as they did not go overboard, the Yan Family would not interfere in Yan Zhiqings work affairs.

They naturally would not blame anyone just because Yan Zhiqing did not manage to win against her competitors.

So, the production crews would naturally be willing to choose Lu Xiuse, who had the funds.

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